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October 24, 2016
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Welcome to Version #3 of The McDonnell Rule.
Every time I change layouts I think to a theme (kind like Major Crimes crew does for each season): first version was dedicated to Major Crimes, second version generically on Mary’s career, this third is like the second version but more specific.
What I wanted to give the viewers are two things:
being captured by Mary’s incredible smile.
– a look into her career of almost 40 years.

Since the fansite is growing as days go by, and so is my passion for it (and Mary!), and the need of matching is for three different layouts I decided to keep steady on her smile image and change the background. So we have her stages year on the main site, Major Crimes/Battlestar Galactica as television projects on the gallery and her movies on the video archive.

The themes are all 100% mobile-friendly and each post has its own sharing options on sociables with just a click on the button (twitter, facebook, tumblr and pinterest. If there is any other social you use and may like to share my posts please let me know and I’ll check if the plugin has it, I’ll be happy to add! Every share makes the site grows bigger in google too.)

I will not conclude this post without the due thanks to Maria and Julia for always supporting with enthusiasm my decisions on this website and being real good advisers for what’s better to viewers, but the biggest of thanks must go to my dear good friend Frederik for I took the inspiration for this layout from his site and because he is always ready to help me figure that brilliant idea out of the chaos in my mind. Your support and friendship is everything to me, thank you Team C.!

Here it is, the new version all for you. I hope you like what I did with it, the thought and the realization and now let’s spread the Mary love, happy #MaryMonday.

October 12, 2016

I got my hands on a copy of SFX magazine from 2006 and got it scanned.
Take a look at the BTS article and interviews with the characters.

October 10, 2016

Happy #MaryMonday people, I’ve quickly updated the Dances With Wolves category with some behinds and stills of Mary as Stands With A Fist. Take a look!

October 5, 2016
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I went through a little dive into the archive and found a bunch of photos from events to add to the gallery. Various years have been updated so be sure to check them all!

September 20, 2016

And we are to the conclusion of Summer Finale with last episode. Next 8 episodes will air sometime next year, no date yet has been decided. Stay tuned for news. Enjoy the HD screencaptures and I warn you to get ready for big twists if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

September 20, 2016

Here is the video live chat of Mary and James yesterday before the episode aired.

September 19, 2016

When Kyra Sedgwick decided to leave her award winning role as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on The Closer after some seven seasons, James Duff and TNT executive Michael Wright soon settled on the notion of continuing the show with a new lead in the form of a spin-off titled Major Crimes.

The actress who would take on that task of leading the spin-off was none other that Mary McDonnell (arguably best known to international audiences for her role as President Laura Roslin in Syfy’s rebooted Battlestar Galactica series); reprising her guest role as Sharon Raydor, the Captain from the LAPD’s Internal Affairs/Force Investigation Division.

In the four seasons that have followed, McDonnell and the show’s writers have fully fleshed out the character; moving well beyond her roots as an antagonist for Deputy Chief Johnson on The Closer. We have seen her grow – from becoming an adoptive mother to witness Rusty Beck, warming to her squad of detectives, the exploration of her past with an alcoholic husband, to entering into a relationship with Andy Flynn (Tony Denison).

With season five now airing on Monday nights on Universal Channel here in the UK, TVWise caught up with Mary McDonnell to discuss the genesis and development of her character, what’s in store for Sharon Raydor in the supersized fifth season, the mother/son dynamic with Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin), the blooming relationship between Sharon and Andy and much more.

TVWise: This started off for you with a guest role on season four of The Closer. In a previous interview, [Major Crimes creator and showrunner] James Duff spoke about the genesis of the show and how the decision was made to transition your character from antagonist to the lead. What was your reaction when you were essentially asked to fill Kyra [Sedgwick]’s shoes?

Mary McDonnell: Well, because it wasn’t put to me that way, I chose not to think of it that way. That would not have inspired me, because I don’t think you can fill someone else’s shoes. Creatively, I think that would have been kind of a blockade to being able to find a new Sharon Raydor. The way James cleverly put it to me was more in the way of “How would you like the challenge of trying to shift the character from antagonist to protagonist? How would you like to try that? Do you think you’d be up for it? Is Sharon that interesting to you?” The idea of that was interesting to me. I had no idea – nor did he – in the moment, how it was going to happen.

But I also didn’t want to give up on Sharon Raydor or as the fans lovingly referred to her in The Closer, Darth Raydor – I love that name! There are times in Major Crimes when Darth comes out [laughs], she comes back and [the fans] get so excited. But that was a very big commitment for me – doing the show, but not at the cost of losing this woman. She’s been a great role to play and it would be unfair to the fans and the show to suddenly make her nice. I was up for the challenge of it and we were challenged appropriately; meaning we did not know how it was going to be solved or how we were going to make it work. All we did know is that we wanted to try.

TVWise: That mirrors what James confessed to me. That he didn’t have a solution and that they lucked into having Graham [Patrick Martin], because they got to use Rusty as a surrogate for the audience…

Mary McDonnell: Absolutely and that grew, naturally, into a way of letting us see another side of Sharon, because of Graham’s presence. Rusty’s needs were so identifiable and so organic that they exposed [Sharon] as a mother and that’s always a humanising factor. I felt that, with Sharon, as I discovered the mother, and bridged that with the woman who was in a position [of power], and informed that by this woman who had been limited in her expression in internal affairs, it became a very interesting jigsaw puzzle.

Read the full interview at TVWise