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November 30, 2015   •   Leave a Comment   •   Magazines

I found this amazing magazine having all those pages on BSG and I couldn’t miss it. Here’s a bit of what it contains:

We go on set to interview the women of the series – the good, the bad and the conflicted…

Tricia Helfer
• As the seductive Cylon femme fatale Number Six, Tricia Helfer’s most often seen slinking around in skimpy frocks – but we’re set to see a new side to her character in Season Two …

Mary McDonnell
• It’s a race against time for President Laura Roslin; can she lead Humanity to the lost planet of Earth before she succumbs to cancer? Star Mary McDonnell tells us what’s in store…

Grace Park
• The star is having a tough time keeping track of the different incarnations of her character, cloned Cylon infliltrator Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valerii. She puzzles it out with us…

Episode Guide

• Our complete and comprehensive guide to the 2003 mini-series and Season One of the hit Sci-Fi series.

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