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January 12, 2016   •   Leave a Comment   •   Interviews, Magazines, News & Rumors

I found an article in a french magazine from the end of Battlestar Galactica with a nice small interview with Mary. In the gallery you can find the HQ scan and below I’ve translated it into english for non-french speakers. Please bare in mind that it’s been long time since I last spoke and wrote french so I did my best with what I can still remember. Enjoy!

Since my role as the president, I started enjoying the feel of power!

Stopping by in Paris, Mary McDonnell opens about her life after Battlestar Galactica. It’s hard to her not to be the “president of humanity” anymore…

How did you live the end of Battlestar Galactica, was it too hard to process?
Sincerely, it was hard to swallow, it took me some time to get out of that role and get into another thing. I’m very happy the series had a real ending, the circle closed. But I’ve to admit that I miss Battlestar Galactica, clearly.

What’s your best memory?
There are a lot, but of all I recall a sunday, during season 3. The shooting had to stop because of the strike of the screenwriters. Between each take, everyone was calling their agents to know what was going on. We all thought the series would have been stopped there. It was a general panic and then suddenly we were all partying!

As a “president” what you think about your american equivalent?
At time of the series, George Bush was president… and I surely didn’t take inspiration from him. But also, with this role, I understand better the politicians: it’s hard to take decisions. Personally, I feel more aligned with Barack Obama, I really like his way of thinking.

Now that the series is over, what’s your next projects?
I am currently starring in the series The Closer. Some episodes, I’ll be Kyra Sedgwick’s opponent (the main actor from the series). I also have an idea for a new series… that I’d like to direct! Since my role as the president, I started enjoying the feel of power!

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