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April 4, 2016   •   2 Comments   •   For All Time, Projects, Screencaptures, Sneak Peek, Videos

For All Time is a wonderful intense and some parts sad but beautiful story of a man trapped into a world he doesn’t feel to belong to and when the woman of his dreams becomes a reality, a reality from the past, he might want to change life style… and year… and century to be with her and live happy! Mary plays the role of Laura Brown, that dream woman that takes life from his drawing and catch his attention with a smile. The movie is itself very beautiful, very intense, at times you wish to yell at tv for what’s happening and others your heart just melts. Very much suggested!

A huge thank you to our partner-in-crime friend Julia from @MaryFreakinMcDonnell, for the beautiful big screencaptures she made for us. And take a look in the archive for 4 clips from the movie.

2 Responses to ““For All Time” Screencaptures and Clips”
Ben Mackiewicz

Hello. Is there anyway to ask Mary or her staff if there is anyway to get an autographed picture of Mary on a picture of that sketch from Mark Harmon’s drafting board early in the movie “For All Time” ?? Such a beautiful sketch which her autograph would compliment so dearly.
Email me for address if possible?

November 18, 16 • 1:10 pm

Hello Ben.
I am in no contact with Mary or her team but you can try to write her on twitter @MaryMcDonnell10 and either she or TeamBAM may reply. Please understand it’s not sure method, they could answer like they couldn’t. I take no responsibility for this. Hope you’ll manage. 🙂

November 18, 16 • 4:47 pm
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