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May 07, 16   Claudia   0 Comment Blue Chips, Projects, Screencaptures, Sneak Peek, Videos

Take a look in the gallery and media archive for screencaptures and clips of Blue Chips, the movie from 1994 in which Mary played Jenny Bell. MM: Well, there’s so many memories from that, but the one that always pops into my mind right away is standing on two or three apple boxes to be […]

Apr 29, 16   Claudia   0 Comment News & Rumors, Videos

A treat from Tony Denison on Mary’s birthday. After a beautiful picture of the two of them with his wishes, he shared with fans a lovely video message with her. Another treat from behind the scenes on @MajorCrimesTNT @MaryMcDonnell10 wait for it…#Shandy #FlynnGirls — Tony Denison (@RealTonyDenison) 29 aprile 2016

Apr 07, 16   Claudia   0 Comment E.R., Projects, Screencaptures, Sneak Peek, Stills, Videos

AVC: How was the experience of doing the dramatic ER? MM: The dramatic ER was fantastic. It was such an interesting character, one that was very short-lived but was very powerful nonetheless. And I do love Noah Wyle, so it was very easy to step into playing his mother and understanding him as that entity. […]

Apr 04, 16   Claudia   2 Comments For All Time, Projects, Screencaptures, Sneak Peek, Videos

For All Time is a wonderful intense and some parts sad but beautiful story of a man trapped into a world he doesn’t feel to belong to and when the woman of his dreams becomes a reality, a reality from the past, he might want to change life style… and year… and century to be […]

Mar 15, 16   Claudia   0 Comment Interviews, Videos

The live chat is up at James’s Facebook. You can see it. It was wonderful and lovely. Thanks Mary and James… and Randle in the background hiding too! LOL Posted by James Duff on Monday, March 14, 2016

Mar 15, 16   Claudia   0 Comment Major Crimes, Projects, Videos

ET was on set of the show’s season finale, airing March 14 on TNT at 9/8c. Source

Mar 13, 16   Claudia   0 Comment Articles, Major Crimes, Projects, Sneak Peek, Videos

It’s time for Detective Amy Sykes to come clean, as TNT’s Major Crimes wraps its five-episode “bonus” arc and brings Season 4 to a close. In the above sneak peek from “Hindsight: Part 5” (airing Monday at 9/8c), Raydor and Tao (played by Mary McDonnell and Michael Paul Chan) are reviewing a curious mishandling of […]