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Fundraising project honoring Mary McDonnell

Sinte Gleska University provides a model for Indian-controlled education. It is an institution governed by people rooted to the reservation and culture, concerned about the future, and willing to work to see the institution grow. It provides each Lakota person the opportunity to pursue an education and does so in a way that is relevant to career and personal needs.

A group of fans of Mary McDonnell standing for a good cause.
To celebrate her pure heart, and her great soul, fans have gathered together donating money to a cause she has dear at heart. It is a way to honor and show respect to our favorite actress.

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Hello everyone!
Hope everything’s good with you all.

Mary’s birthday is fast approaching and we are starting this year’s fundraiser on monday 23rd April to 6th May.

We are collecting donations for Sinte Gleska University and Pine Ridge Girls’ School, both causes very dear to Mary’s heart.

Here are the details:

  • Fundraiser starts on April 23 and ends on May 6
  • Donate directly to Sinte Gleska University ( and/or Pine Ridge Girls’ School ( There is no minimum amount. EVERYTHING…

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Do you know Pine Ridge Girls’ School? Read below to learn more about this beautiful project which will be included in our fundraiser for Mary McDonnell’s birthday this year!

Twitter: @anpo_wicahpi

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Sinte Gleska University has launched a fundraiser earlier this month, asking your help to raise money in order to build a Student Union facility.
We have promoted this on social so far, but decided to dedicate a post to it, hopefully to get the attention to an extended group. You can follow the fundraising directly on facebook and donate through it. If you don’t own a credit card (necessary to donate through facebook) you can do…