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Fundraising project honoring Mary McDonnell
Let’s Start from the beginning
June 14, 2017   Staff   0 Comment

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Hello everyone and welcome to this little project. The aim we want to achieve is to raise awareness and money for an organization, Sinte Gleska University, in honor of actress Mary McDonnell.

We are Claudia, Julia and Maria and we have come together to this project inspired by the amazing work that a group of three fans, under the name of MaryCares, had previously done.
We have come together for this project from Mary’s birthday in 2017, when we tried to organize a group-gift involving other fans to make her smile. Working on that part of the gift, we were asked if there was going to be a donation part too, and so we said, why not? We were able to raise 1174$ divided into three associations, all of which Ms. McDonnell had at heart.

So starting from there we thought about keeping up this project for the years coming, dedicating on one of those three that is Sinte Gleska University (If you are not familiar with it you can check their website for all information).

The project is open to anyone, no exclusions, and also no obligations. PLEASE do not feel like we target you as a better or worse fan if you donate or not.

We are in touch already with a representative at SGU and we will always keep you posted with news and how we are developping things. At any time you can contact us (find all information here) and ask questions, we will happily reply to you, just give us some time to do so.


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