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Fundraising project honoring Mary McDonnell
Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked question, if they don’t answer yours feel free to contact us.

What is this project about?
This project is about raising money and awareness for Sinte Gleska University, to which Mary McDonnell became associated with during the filming of the movie Dances With Wolves. Her Lakota dialogue coach was linked to the university and since then Mary has become more and more interested and passionate about the Native Americans, their culture and in particular about Sinte Gleska..

Can I donate via paypal?
Yes! As we are aware that credit cards can create a few problems, especially for our European friends, Sinte Gleska University offers Paypal Payment as one of their options.

Do I send the money to you?
No. We ask you to send the money directly to Sinte Gleska University. What we will ask you to do is to e-mail us the receipt of your payment once done, so it can be added to the total.

What is my money used for?
Your money is put to very good use. However, they have some priorities that are possible with your donations. For example, it can pay scholarships and an endowment. It could also pay for student services like day care, transportation and lunch program. Or also for some special projects like the Founder’s Week Wacipi.

Is there other ways to donate?
Yes, for example if you purchase anything through you can donate to Sinte Gleska University as well. To have a full list of possible ways to help them you can check their site.

Can I donate only for Ms. McDonnell’s Birthday?
No. You can donate at any time you want, any amount. However, to keep things in order we consider only those given in the said time period for the fundraisings we organize, but if you have problems with that time contact us and we sure will find a way to add your donation to the total.

Is Mary McDonnell involved in this?
No, Ms. McDonnell is not actively involved. It’s a fan-run project and due to her busy schedule and that we want to honor her, we haven’t ask her to participate in any way. However she may be aware of the existence of this project.

Can you get me in touch with her?
No, the purpose of this project is to raise awarness and money for Sinte Gleska University. We have no link to Mary and can’t get you in touch with her. You can however try to write to her on twitter.