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June 18, 2016
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Hello my dear followers. As I always try to encourage you and work together in sharing and enjoy this time together, I’m posting today a very interesting project from my friend Christine Rogers who made a review on Mary’s podcast and the first episode of season 5 of Major Crimes. I was very interested in her idea and I’m happy to share with you because it’s REALLY good to listen to it.

Admin Note: This is a personal point of view, which doesn’t want to be an imposition of her opinions on yours. There are some points in this audio I don’t agree with and still Christine and I are friends. This is being said because we’d love to read your thoughts, you can comment here, under this post and we’d really love that BUT, every comment is moderated by me and I will not, under any circumstance, allow any bashing, or insulting, or anything against Christine and her thoughts. I want it to be clear. We can all have a discussion abotu how we feel in harmony and peace.

So listen and comment. Enjoy!

June 16, 2016
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An epic night, with Rizzoli & Isles and following Major Crimes.

June 16, 2016
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Here we are with caps from first episode caps of season 5. As soon as bigger and better quality is available I’ll switch but for now, still HD is. Present Tense was very intense and strong episode. Revealed many emotions and opened a look on the whole team personal feelings. If you didn’t see it yet I strongly recommend you to.

June 15, 2016
June 14, 2016
June 12, 2016
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Some of my US friends have received this beautiful Newsletter from Sinte Gleska during the past days. One of them was so generous and wonderful to share with us. Not entirely sure if they are sending only among US or outside too, but it was indeed a nice surprise to find this newsletter recap on Mary’s visit back at the beginning of the year. So go over the gallery and ready it cause it’s very worth it, and much thanks to Christine Rogers for allowing us all to benefit from those and be able to read!

June 11, 2016
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Celebrating the awesome achievement of 900 likes on facebook (+2 in the meantime), as my gift of thanks to you here is a tiny update with Mary’s role in 12 Angry Men as the judge. Her role is actually very small and it’s just in the beginning of the movie, the movie that includes in its cast Edward James Olmos, Mary’s co-star in Battlestar Galactica. This was their first project together, amazing huh? Anyways, once again thank you all for following on facebook, and twitter, and tumblr and instagram. Your passion is inspiring and I’m extremely grateful. Here is your little gift, getting ready to weekly updates for Major Crimes from Monday!