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December 31, 2015
December 30, 2015
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The second day of the gifts is dedicated to some Battlestar Galactica updates. A few promos and stills from both series and mini-series. Take a look!

December 29, 2015
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Hello my friends. First gift for the 1st anniversary of this site is COURAGE from 1986 with Sophia Loren.

A mother in Queens, New York, outraged when she discovers that her son is a drug addict, becomes an undercover agent for the DEA to clean up the drug trade in her neighborhood. Based on a true story.

I capped Mary scenes from it and a couple of clips which were more relevant (or simply when she’s talking and not just standing there in her totally perfect beauty!).

December 28, 2015
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Once upon a time, in a deep and dark night a young woman was announcing all over the launch of her new website. That young woman was me. And I would have never thought to arrive so far, to meet so many awesome people and be here, one year after, to celebrate this moment with you. How many things have changed in one year. When I first opened this fansite, I never thought to arrive so far, never I would have imagined for Mary to follow me, for meeting so many of you who now daily share their lives with me. I made friends, and we laughed and cried together, and be up at nights discussing episodes and doing lives. Such a blast!
And what about the site? One year and it counts already over 20.000 visits, and all of you are part of this, this birthday is for the site, for me and for all of you who supported me and I hope you’ll keep doing that.
For this first year I have decided to celebrate it in a sort of jewish style and for the following days (starting tomorrow) you’ll have a gift every day until Sunday! So happy birthday my little precious baby, I am proud of you (like a mother) and I wish you to grow more and more as time goes by!

Thanks from the webmiss.

MARY she’s the first to thanks. She’s the reason why we’re all here, the reason of this celebration. Her way to be, her soul, her smile, her incredible talent. For following me and always be with her fans and talk to them and make all of us part of what she’s working on and enjoying in life. For helping each of us to never give up our dreams, never give in in front of obstacles and making the world a better place with her presence!

ILONA, JULIA, MAAYAN, JEN, KATE, MELINDA, SUE, STEFANIE, ANNIE, MARIA, MAGGIE for the friendship and the days and nights up together discussing episodes, reading fanfictions, making fanarts and projects together.

MARYMCD DAILY & MARYFREAKINMCDONNELL for being the most awesome partners in crime.

TO EVERYONE of you who wished a happy birthday already, all of those who will, all of those who supported the site until now and hopefully will do more, to each one of you!


December 22, 2015
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What a wrap. This Fall/Winter finale was everything. And I’m still a bit scared of the crazy suspect! Take a look in our gallery for the over 200 HD screencaptures we added.

December 21, 2015
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Tonight marks the Fall/Winter Finale of Major Crimes which returns February 15th for the ending 5-arc additional episodes of Season 4. The whole cast wishes you happy holidays and enjoy the episode!!!