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November 21, 2016
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Happy #MaryMonday dear fans,
here is over 1000 screencaptures from 1996 movie Woman Undone in which Mary played Teri Hansen.
As always there have been also addition of few clips. Take a look!

Teri Hansen is found near a burnt car with the corpse of her husband, Allan, in it. The body has bullet wounds, and Teri’s prints match those on the gun, so she is arrested. Her attorney, Ross Bishop, believes she is innocent but has difficulty extracting her story. Bishop eventually learns about Teri’s rocky marriage with the abusive Allan, as well as her affair with a lifeguard named Jim Mercer and a darker family secret.

November 9, 2016
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TNT’s Major Crimes has added Leonard Roberts in a recurring role, as a total of three people jockey to succeed the late Russell Taylor as Assistant Chief of Special Operations.

As previously reported, Emmy winner Camryn Manheim, playing the Deputy Chief of Operations in the LAPD, will vie with MCD boss Sharon Raydor for Taylor’s plum job.
TVLine has now learned that Roberts — whose credits include People v. O.J. (as reporter Dennis Schatzman), The Client List and Heroes — will recur as Leo Mason, the intelligent and charismatic commander of the Criminal Intelligence Division, a third candidate for the job.

Manheim debuts in Season 5’s midseason premiere, airing in early 2017, while Roberts makes his first appearance shortly thereafter.


November 7, 2016
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Happy #MaryMonday dear fans,
here is over 2000 screencaptures and 8 clips from the movie Passion Fish, in which Mary played May-Alice Culhane.

May-Alice Culhane was a successful soap opera star, but a car accident has left her bound to a wheelchair. She returns to her now-empty family home in the bayous of Louisiana which she had eagerly left years before. She drinks heavily and vents her bitterness on the succession of nurses who are hired to take care of her and immediately quit because she is so unbearable. Chantelle is the latest of these nurses, and May-Alice is told that Chantelle is the last nurse she’ll get. Chantelle for reasons of her own, is also in a position where she badly needs the job to work out. The movie focuses on how these two women become friends and help each other heal emotionally.

October 31, 2016
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Happy #MaryMonday fans and followers.
A little addition to the gallery for something we all enjoy at times to re-watch and laugh with them. Mary does really great in comedy too, she should be back to it sometimes. Enjoy promotional photos and some stills from High Society.

The series revolves around two New York City women who acted in an outrageous, campy, and decadent manner. Ellie Walker (Jean Smart) was a successful author of trashy romantic novels, and her best friend and publisher was Dorothy ‘Dott’ Emerson (Mary McDonnell). Emerson was a divorced mother with a preppie college-aged son, Brendan Emerson (Dan O’Donahue), a College Republican, who rejected the relentless sexual advances of Ellie, but who otherwise appeared to be heterosexual. In the pilot episode, the women’s small-town former college friend, Val Brumberg (Faith Prince), arrived and moved in with Dott. At the publishing house, the women worked with a flamboyant gay male secretary named Stephano (Luigi Amodeo) and a sleazy publisher partner named Peter Thomas (David Rasche).

October 27, 2016
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15 years ago (precisely October 26) Donnie Darko premiered in the US.
Empire UK dediced to celebrate the event including a full excerpt in their December issue (cover star Eddie Redmayne for Fantastic Beasts). I grabbed a Digital copy and added HQ scans to the gallery. Take a look!

October 24, 2016
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Welcome to Version #3 of The McDonnell Rule.
Every time I change layouts I think to a theme (kind like Major Crimes crew does for each season): first version was dedicated to Major Crimes, second version generically on Mary’s career, this third is like the second version but more specific.
What I wanted to give the viewers are two things:
being captured by Mary’s incredible smile.
– a look into her career of almost 40 years.

Since the fansite is growing as days go by, and so is my passion for it (and Mary!), and the need of matching is for three different layouts I decided to keep steady on her smile image and change the background. So we have her stages year on the main site, Major Crimes/Battlestar Galactica as television projects on the gallery and her movies on the video archive.

The themes are all 100% mobile-friendly and each post has its own sharing options on sociables with just a click on the button (twitter, facebook, tumblr and pinterest. If there is any other social you use and may like to share my posts please let me know and I’ll check if the plugin has it, I’ll be happy to add! Every share makes the site grows bigger in google too.)

I will not conclude this post without the due thanks to Maria and Julia for always supporting with enthusiasm my decisions on this website and being real good advisers for what’s better to viewers, but the biggest of thanks must go to my dear good friend Frederik for I took the inspiration for this layout from his site and because he is always ready to help me figure that brilliant idea out of the chaos in my mind. Your support and friendship is everything to me, thank you Team C.!

Here it is, the new version all for you. I hope you like what I did with it, the thought and the realization and now let’s spread the Mary love, happy #MaryMonday.