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    Yesterday producer James Duff took time on Reddit to talk on Major Crimes before last night season finale.
    Here are some excerpt regarding Mary/Sharon, but you can check on for the whole transcript of it.

    I have gone through it all and made a selection of those I thought where the most relevant and potentially not spoilering if you hadn’t yet seen the season finale. All of them are under the cut! Enjoy and read through all if you can because there’s a lot of interesting things you might want to learn about Season 4.

    from ilonarcari

    Q: In the Christmas episode there was a gift for Sharon hidden in the Christmas village. We were sad that we only saw the gift box and not its contents. Could you please tell us who got this gift for Sharon and what was the gift itself?
    A: Yes. The gift was given to Sharon by Lt. Andy Flynn, and it was a little angel ornament for her tree.
    The scene was cut for time.

    from plaguerat87

    Q: I loved it when Mary/Sharon sang The Nutcracker to Rusty. Mary has an incredible voice! Will we hear her singing again in the future?
    A: I don’t know if you will hear Sharon singing in the future, but it was fantastic to hear her humming THE NUTCRACKER. And she definitely has a great singing voice. Mary – as probably many people know – can do practically anything, and has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards. So singing should be a breeze. I just don’t know how many police captains do it on a daily basis.

    from BabiGodoi

    Q: Why and how did you choose Mary McDonnell for the role of Sharon? I love her so much and she is just perfect for Sharon, you did a great job casting her and Major Crimes made me a BIG fan of hers, thank you for that too.
    A: It’s an interesting story.
    I was a big fan of Mary’s from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and before, and when it went off the air, Kyra ran into her at an awards banquet, and Mary said she liked the Closer, and Kyra suggested I write a role for her.
    So I reached out to her, and worked very hard to create the right part for her. And after a lot of collaboration, we came up with the part of Sharon.
    It was partly happenstance. But also, great good fortune. That our first meeting, in the writer’s room, I set it up a little like the conference room in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – where the delegates from all the planets met. And I kept her title as “President of the Colonies” for her.
    I still think that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Is one of the best shows ever made for television.

    from plaguerat87

    Q: Does Sharon have any friends outside of the LAPD?
    Also, are Gavin and Sharon friends or is it just an interpretation made by the fans?
    A: Like a lot of single mothers with full-time jobs and 60-hour-a-week responsibilities, Sharon is fairly tied to the department and her family. Naturally, she will have friends at her church, and from schools where her children went… but our storytelling obligates us to find a killer every week… and so sometimes there’s a limit to how much of her personal story we can share.
    Gavin & Sharon are friends and we hope to see Gavin again someday.

    from plaguerat87

    Q: How old is Sharon supposed to be?
    A: Sharon is supposed to be in her late 50’s.

    from jayzelle

    Q: Hi James! Thank you for doing this. I just wanted to ask, Sharon and Andy’s relationship started out with dislike and hostility. At what point during The Closer or Major Crimes did you decide or realize that these 2 characters will develop a friendship that could potentially blossom into a special relationship? By the way, the slow burn is both exciting and torturous for us fans.
    A: We always felt like this was a possibility, Sharon and Andy together. And that we always feel like it’s a problem – Sharon & Andy together. But we feel determined to explore the nature of romance in middle age. And Tony and Mary are with us 100%.

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