New stills of third episode of this season have been added to the gallery. This is the episode in which there’s a Battlestar Galactica reunion because our Madame President Laura Roslin (better known now as Captain Sharon Raydor) meets Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama (aka Jamie Bamber).

– Monday, June 22, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

Major Crimes investigates the murder of a super model with close ties to a pompous celebrity photographer (Jamie Bamber) with boundary issues. Meanwhile, Raydor and Rusty give Assistant Chief Taylor a headache when they are both served subpoenas for their entanglement in the Alice murder case.

Kathe Mazur, Sean Harmon, Matthew Florida, Chastity Dotson, Garrett Coffey and Ron Marasco guest star.

Written by Ralph Gifford & Carson Moore
Directed by Rick Wallace
Created by James Duff

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