We can never get enough of fierce women on television – and we’ve sampled 17 of our favorites down below.

This is by no means a complete list, but one that represents a wide range of diversified shows across the viewing spectrum. We have dramatic bombshells, funny ladies, police women, attorneys and women who are have been tasked with keeping the free world free (or entertaining a man who does the job; it takes all kinds!).

These women kick ass. They love hard. They’re warriors and fixers. They’re at the forefront of their fields.

And they set a strong example across the television dial, from The Good Wife (available on Amazon Prime!) to Orphan Black (also available on Amazon Prime!) to The Americans (also available on Amazon Prime!).

#2. Sharon Raydor — Major Crimes

As the lead of Major Crimes, Sharon can’t take any guff from her squad as her decisions quite often mean life and death. She doesn’t need a man to be successful at her job or a wonderful mother. She’s fierce just the way she is.

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