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Today is a special important day. Today our Major Lady turns 64! Yes you read right, it says 64! Can you believe it? She doesn’t show it, right? Join me in wishing her a very happy birthday, full of joy, gifts, cakes and sweets and fun surrounded by her friends and family, all her beloved ones.

Also don’t forget that Mary Cares has its annual birthday fundraiser, and this year marks the 10th! See the banner above shows you and you can always check their twitter, facebook, livejournal and now they’re also on instagram. It’s pretty easy and simple!

You donate the amount you want (there’s no obligations on how much) to www.sgufoundation.org/giving.html and then e-mail the receipt of your payment to mmcares3@gmail.com, so they can add it to the total. I repeat that you have no obligations on donating more than what you feel and can afford. Even 1$ can make a difference!


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21 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Mary!”

April 28, 16 • 12:25 pm

Happy Birthday to our favorite lady! May this new year be a happy, healthy and fulfilling one for her, and may there be many, many more to come!

Vivian C
April 28, 16 • 12:28 pm

A very Happy Birthday to our dear Mary McDonnell! May your day and all those following, be full of joy, happiness and peace!

Stefanie Wildermann
April 28, 16 • 1:04 pm

Happy Birthday Mary … I wish you the happiest day ever, may it be full of love, peace & fun. You deserve all of it, because you’re giving so much and you’re a role model to many of us. For me… you changed my life or better the thinking of life. You’re standing up for women, for their rights. You show us that every woman is important and no matter who she is or where she comes from. We all agree that you deserve every award on this earth, but be sure you’ve your place in the heart of every MaryGirl out there. So thank you, for just being you. Have a wonderful birthday Mary and many more to come.

Amiee Bragg
April 28, 16 • 1:06 pm

Happy Birthday to my fav! I pray this year is the best one yet. May it be filled with love, family and friendship. Have a blessed day!

April 28, 16 • 1:38 pm

Happy birthday Mary . Thank you for all the happiness which you give worldwide. I wish you joy, laugh, health. Do you know to what extent you are fantastic ? Happy birthday

April 28, 16 • 3:41 pm

Happy Birthday, Mary! You are an inspiration and a beautiful person on the inside and out! Thank you for sharing your talent and light with us! Happy Birthday!!

April 28, 16 • 4:25 pm

Thanks for all of your work in promoting the fundraiser this year, Claudia! It’s a great occasion 🙂 Happy birthday to Mary!

April 28, 16 • 4:32 pm

Happy Birthday Mary!!! May it be be filled with family, friends and happiness. You’ve been such an inspiration to many of us women. You’re kindness is genuine and it shows in the way you help others. I hope to be that kind of person also. One day I hope to meet you, as do many. Have a wonderful birthday!!!!!

April 28, 16 • 5:23 pm

Giving to others in honor of you is a great way to celebrate! Happy Birthday Mary! Have a wonderful day!

Silvia Mackova
April 28, 16 • 6:25 pm

Happy Birthday Mary! I wish you every day full of color. You’re a huge inspiration to us all.

April 28, 16 • 6:53 pm

Happy Birthday Mary!
64??? No way. You look waayyy younger. Seriously.
Hope you have a nice day and I just love watching you (and your “team”) on Major Crimes. (and in everything else)

April 28, 16 • 7:08 pm

Happy birthday to an amazing actress, love that my niece has someone to look up too, whom is nothing but positive and sends a great message for young women. Can’t believe you’re 64. Have a great day!! lol

April 28, 16 • 7:29 pm

Happy Birthday, Mary!!!!! You rock!

Deanna M
April 28, 16 • 7:34 pm

Happy Birthday Mary, have a blessed day!!! ❤️

Crystal J
April 28, 16 • 9:15 pm

Happy Birthday Mary! May your day be filled with love overflowing! Many hugs and much love!!

April 29, 16 • 12:27 am

Happy birthday Mary! I hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

April 29, 16 • 12:29 am

Happy Birthday Mary! May it be a day filled with much laughter, joy, and love.

Corine Maitland-Walker
April 29, 16 • 12:32 am

Happy Birthday, from KSA, Mary, wishing you a day full of love & laughter. Thank you for being such an inspirational lady, an extraordinary actress. Looking forward to seeing you in Major Crimes season 5
Best wishes

April 29, 16 • 12:43 am

Happy Birthday Mary! You are such an inspiration. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

Renee Whitfield
April 29, 16 • 1:41 am

Thank you for being a wonderful role model to all of us younger women. You taught us to be brave as Laura Roslin, show us how to stand up for ourselves with Stands with a Fist, and teach us to be courageous with Sharon Raydor. Many blessings to you for a wonderful year!


Team DailyMaryMcD
April 29, 16 • 2:19 pm

We hope you had a blast and a memorable birthday celebration, Mary! Thank you for always inspiring us to be kind, and do better. You are very much adored and loved! Cheers! x

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