Take a look in the gallery and media archive for screencaptures and clips of Blue Chips, the movie from 1994 in which Mary played Jenny Bell.

MM: Well, there’s so many memories from that, but the one that always pops into my mind right away is standing on two or three apple boxes to be tall enough to work with Shaq. [Laughs.] I was playing his teacher, and it would’ve been so silly if he’d had to bend over that far to be at eye level with me. It would just look so hideous, talking up to him four feet. So they put me on all these apple boxes, and then someone would hold my hand so I wouldn’t fall off. The whole thing was great fun, though. And Nick Nolte is also a really gifted person, so it was great working with him, and, of course, Billy Friedkin is a brilliant director. I’ve gotten to work with him twice in my career, and I’m grateful.

AVC: How was Shaq as an actor? That was his first time taking a stab at it.
He was delightful, actually. He has a little performer in him, as we all know, and he availed himself to the job very sincerely, very openly. He’s got good instincts. So I found him delightful.

– Mary McDonnell for A.V. Club

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