As discussed a week ago, when I put a poll on twitter about creating a fanart archives for the site, here is the official launch of it. Everyday, with this site, I try to work not only on promoting Mary’s career and projects but also to get the fans involved into it and work together on it. So I thought, seeing that this fandom is full of amazing and creative people and their arts, this was a nice way to share together.

How does it works?
Each one of you will have a personalized folder, where only his/her stuff is uploaded and that will show on the archive. You can fit in any category you want, can be only drawings, only gif or both of them or even more.

What can we see there?
Anything that is related to Mary. Can be drawings/fanarts/gifs of Mary herself, a character she plays on tv or movie.

How do I get my stuff there?
To get your stuff uploaded I ask you to send me an e-mail at marymcdonnellorg[at] with followings:
– mail subject: fanart donation
– your desired name / username / nickname to call the folder (you can decide to use your full name, or twitter handle, or facebook instagram pinterest tumblr name. Any you want!)
– a link where I can credit you (twitter handle, facebook page, tumblr blog, and instagram – if you have them all or just those you have. I need to know them all!)
– please name your files according to who is represented and number (example: mary-01.jpg, raydor-01.jpg, roslin-01.jpg, dww-01.jpg)
– allowed formats are .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp (preferable for images is jpg or png for weight matters)
– for gif sets please send them in a zip file (not as attached image)

Is there any size requirement?
No. You can send any size you want. It’ll be resized on the site to fit the space, but your full image is uploaded and easy to see it in full size.

Are those the only categories allowed?
No. If you have another category to fit, you can propose it and it’ll be added. Any suggestion is welcome.

Anything else to know?
By sending your stuff you’re agreeing to take full understanding that I cannot be held responsible for fanart stealing. I suggest that you tag your stuff, if you wish to. I will ALWAYS give you full credits, and it’s why I ask a name to put at the folder (as I cannot put a link to twitter), but I’m not responsible for what people do when visiting.

Every Friday, for #FanartFriday I will pick one of you and share one of your arts on the site sociables (twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram) with a link back to you and to your album on the archive. People are chosen randomly, there’s absolutely no personal friendship or favoritism done.

If you send your e-mail and don’t get a reply from me, probably gmail didn’t do a proper job, so I ask you please, if you don’t hear from me in a week to contact me or write a DM on twitter @MaryMcDOrg to be sure I received it. Thanks.

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