December 28, 2016 Site Maintenance Leave a Comment

It’s been 2 years. Yes! It’s been 2 years since I launched this website and it still seems like it was yesterday.
From last year post on this same day, the site has gained more than 40,000 visits from all over the world and the support and the love you all have shown to me is priceless.

Like the past year I want to renew the thanks to Mary, for the incredible person she is, so caring and wonderful with her fans, and such a great role model for all of us, and such an effortless fighter for what she believes in. A sincere thank you from all Mary Girls, for real.
Also I would like to thank the people who helped through this year and that would be all of you, for either is a donation of photos or simply support, is still working together and enjoying this together and I’m grateful to have met some of you, and to meet more of you.

It couldn’t miss a gift for this year celebration too, I didn’t let it pass like this.
This year it’ll be the PRESIDENT year, with our favorite President of the Twelve Colonies, Laura Roslin. And for these Twelve Colonies factor I have arranged a 12 days gift in Battlestar Galactica theme. One day for One Colony, with a grand finale on the last one. So stay tuned for it each day and come visit us!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, The McDonnell Rule. You’re my most precious diamond of the crown.

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