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Follow the details below and if you have any doubt contact the person. I am not involved into this fundraising, just reposting for all of you to know and for a good cause.

Mary McDonnell & G.W. Bailey are participating in charity raffle:

In a week’s time I will begin riding my bicycle from the Canadian/US border to the US/Mexican border to raise money for AIDS/Lifecycle. To help me with my fundraising efforts Mary, GW, and Brenda Strong (Seinfeld, Desperate Housewives, Dallas, Supergirl) have agreed to record an outgoing message on raffle winners’ voicemails! Money will be going towards AIDS and HIV+ patients’ care at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Things like free HIV testing, mental health, and medical treatment are provided at the center for low-income patients. It’s a great cause and it means so much to me that these three incredibly talented folks have offered to help. Even better, they’re willing to record the messages in the character of your choice!

Here are the details:

Donations are to be made through my fundraising page: www.tofighthiv.org/goto/Leah2017

$25 = 1 raffle ticket
$50 = 3 raffle tickets
$100 = 10 raffle tickets

When donating, please follow up with an email to leahcyclingsolo@gmail.com specifying which actor’s raffle you want to be entered in. You are not limited to one actor; if you buy three tickets you can submit one ticket to each actor’s raffle, etc. Winners will be drawn Tuesday May 2, at 5pm PST. And don’t forget – donations are tax deductible! Everyone wins. 🙂

Spread the word – and good luck with the raffle!

Thank you so much,

Leah Breuer can also be found on twitter (@leahcyclingsolo) and facebook (facebook.com/leah.breuer)

The ending term is Tuesday, May 2nd 2017!
Good luck everyone and keep spreading the word!!!

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