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Dec 2017

And here we are to the very end of this, the last appearance of Mary McDonnell on Major Crimes. I wish I could say we aren’t all bitter still, but it would be a lie, I’ve been talking to many of you for all these past 7 days and I can feel your anger, I can feel your sadness, I can feel your disappointment. I have been angry, I’m still sad and also disappointed, not by Mary though, or any other of the cast. Each one of them has been spectacular and this episode showed how much they have worked through trying honoring the Commander. The point is that for us, the fans, it’s not enough and it’s not okay, because we still have our vision on how we wanted the series to end in just 2 weeks, but it’s not to us to decide and what is done is done.
I was hoping this episode could give us a closure and an explanation, for me it hasn’t come, but other things have, things that before I saw differently and now I see them in line with what Mary told us in her last podcast (which you can hear on youtube if you haven’t yet!), so at least something good came out of it I guess.

With this post I conclude the category of Major Crimes, which I have been promoting and collecting since episode 13 of Season 3, when I opened this fansite 3 years ago! I will leave this post here with HD screencaptures and a transcript of Lt. Provenza (G.W. Bailey) eulogy for Commander Raydor, because I thought it was very beautifully written, acted and very much describing of the Sharon Raydor we all loved and supported all these years.

Today we honor Commander Sharon Raydor. The cops’ cop, an exceptional mother, a loving wife and a great good friend. She was also a person of faith, she believed in rules, in law and God. These believes gave her the strength to lead and compelled to uphold the values by which we live.
Those of us gathered here today feel her passing as a personal tragedy, for which we will mourn for the rest of our lives. But to the community in which she lived, and the civilization she struggled to defend, her death is nothing short of calamity.
In moments like this, we often hear it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness; and so in my heart, I light a candle in Sharon’s honor. But I curse the darkness also, this awful shadow falling across our hearts, the cloud darkening the principles for which she stood.
I ask that, with Sharon as our example, that we leave here today recommitted to the rule of law and dedicated to the cause of justice for which she sacrificed her life.