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Dec 2017

If you ask me, 3 years ago I had no idea I would make it past even the first year, and here we are three years after the opening moment celebrating this wonderful event!

So many things have happened during these years, and many traumatic and tragic ones during just the last few weeks, but nevertheless we have all been standing by Mary McDonnell’s side and supporting her. And it’s with the same spirit of support and celebration that, like any previous year, I will go on for 4 days with gifts.

As you all know it’s my intention to make of this site a corner of paradise for all Mary’s fans and build it as most complete as I can with the means I’m given. I don’t know how you all see it so far but I’m very proud of the achievements! I know, you will say, last year’s gifts were 12 days of Battlestar Galactica, true but the fact is that in the moments of darkness and loss I found in Laura Roslin my guiding light, and considering the previous weeks I have confided into her again and the series. So much can be still done to cover this particular project and I intend to at my best. So to conclude the 2017 in glory, and celebrate the fansite birthday each day I will be sharing and posting caps and videos from DVDs extras of Battlestar Galactica starting today with Season 1 and Miniseries. Enjoy and again Happy Birthday MMV! – Claudia

Television Series > Battlestar Galactica (Mini-Series) > DVD Extra: The Lowdown – Featurette
Television Series > Battlestar Galactica > Season 1 > DVD Extras – Featurette
Television Series > Battlestar Galactica > Season 1 > DVD Extras – Deleted Scenes