April 28, 2018 Site Maintenance 1 Comment

They say she turns 66 today, but she wasn’t totally wrong in her instagram message, it looks like 36!!!

Happy Birthday, Mary!

May you always keep smiling and enjoy the beautiful things of life. May it always bring you love and admiration. It is the deepest honor to be a fan and supporter of the wonderful person you are. The whole world shines more with the sparkling light you bring to it. Thank you!

In honor of this wonderful woman, if you can please consider placing a donation. All details can be found here.

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One Response to “Happy Birthday, Mary!”

April 29, 18 • 2:49 am

mary you are the sunshine to most people i know on facebook .so we are here to support major crimes and the closer and all crew and cast members .so i say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you as your a awesome wonderful kind lady all the best to you .love brenda

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