Hello everyone, I’m back! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.
This was really the first time I attended a convention and met Mary. I have no words to describe everything, it was huge and wonderful and I had so much fun I wish I was back there. LOL
Following are pictures I myself took and my friend Silvia too and gave for the site, apologies for the quality but the lights were a little bit odd in the room, like they were highlighted like in Paradise and if you asked a question the light was on you, literally in your eyes.
If you were at FedCon and wish to donate photos you can send via mail, host somewhere and send me a download link and tell me where to credit, I’ll be happy to share them.

NOTE: I know I promised videos of the panels but while there I have been asked not to put videos online at the site, I don’t know if they meant in general online but I’ll stick to their request and not share. I’m sorry but I follow the rules. (The little Sharon Raydor in me!)

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