Yes, another year the earth rounded on itself and around the sun and we arrived to Mary McDonnell’s birthday!

Mary, every year passing you become more beautiful, wise and inspiring to a whole generation of both young and older women (a few guys too!)

fanart created by IlariaSco_

And in light of this inspiration, we invite you to participate to the annual birthday fundraiser which this year is collecting donations for Sinte Gleska University and Pine Ridge Flood Relief. All info can be found at Inspired by Mary. Additionally Mary herself, this year donated the beautiful pair of earrings she wore as Stands with a Fist on Dances With Wolves in the wedding scene, to the lucky bidder who will win this and donate all the money to Pine Ridge Flood Relief. But hurry cause the auction ends in 8 hours, while the standard donations will continue until 30th april.
You could be the change we wish to see in this world, make it so! Pilamaya

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