A season of ‘Galactica’ proportions ready for launch

Whitney Matheson

May 5, 2006

Article taken from USA Today

Last season’s finale of Battlestar Galactica, the Sci Fi series that takes place after a war between Cylon robots and humans, was a shocker.

President Laura Roslin lost her office to mad scientist Gaius Baltar, who promised settlement on the planet New Caprica. Then the show jumped a year to show the Cylons have overpowered the citizens. On Friday (9 ET/PT), Season 3 begins. USA TODAY chats with the cast:

Laura Roslin
Mary McDonnell

Where they are
After losing the presidency, Laura returns to teaching on New Caprica. “She’s a much physically healthier person,” McDonnell says.

“Whatever fear, ambivalence and hesitation that was part of Laura’s ascendancy seems to have evaporated. She becomes a much more practically driven, stronger woman.” She aids the insurgency against the Cylons.

What lies ahead
McDonnell says Roslin will have a leadership role, and she continues to protect Hera, the coveted Cylon-human baby. And what about the brief kiss Roslin shared with Adm. Adama last season?

“I do think that they have a relationship that’s becoming more and more compelling and not necessarily identifiable yet, but there’s a lot to be plumbed.”

Moment to watch for
McDonnell says a confrontation with President Baltar is “inevitable.” Roslin has “a deep sensation of that man being attached to the original apocalypse.”

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