Actress Mary McDonnell Says “It’s Time For a Female President!”

Closer Staff

June 5, 2014

Article taken from Closer Weekly

After playing the first lady in Independence Day and the first female president in Battlestar Galactica, Mary McDonnell tells Closer Weekly that she would like to see a real-life woman president — and she’d love if it were Hillary Clinton.

“It would be extraordinary for everyone if Hillary runs and wins,” Mary tells Closer in an exclusive interview, on stands now. “And it is time. It’s long overdue that this country has a female president.”

The actress tells the mag that she recently met Clinton at an event in New York. “I met her briefly and it was just wonderful. She was given an award by the International Crisis Group. Her speech was amazingly confident, clear and, I would have to say, presidential!”

Mary tells Closer one of the reasons she so often plays commanding characters is because of her upbringing.

“I was raised in a family of five sisters and a brother. So most of the time, it was a family of women,” Mary explains in her interview.

“Our parents raised us to think there wasn’t a problem that we were girls. So you have that feeling of can-do. And that’s why I’ve gotten these roles.”

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