Broken Glass Award: Ads for Mary

Broken Glass Award

November 10, 2015

Because many couldn’t of course know and see all of the lovely ads that Mary got in support of her for the Broken Glass Award, I got my copy thanks to the wonderful Sue and so I thought you would have liked to see them. Please be aware that the quality in scanning isn’t the same of the final product, the digital reproduction is a little bit false, colors are bit different than printed paper but it’s generally how they look like. Have been scanned in order of how they appear on the book.

PLEASE don’t repost, spread or hotlink (you’d kill my resource usage). It took me 2h to adjust this all and it’s only with the purpose of you to have a look at them. I believe that the graphic designer of the event did an amazing job. Thanks.

Admin note: The images have been all resized to fit, to see them big you just have to right click on one and Open in a new tab.

The n12 is the one I participated to (and made graphic for) and n15 is the one Sue did on behalf of all #MaryGirls and designed by Jen. So many good, so much love.

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