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Celebrity Extra Q and A

Cindy Elavsky

June 3, 2013

Article taken from Celebrity Extra

Q: I am so happy it’s summer, because that means all of my favorite TNT dramas are returning. I am particularly excited for “Major Crimes.” Can you give me any scoops on the upcoming season? — Gina R., via e-mail

A: Well, I spoke with series star Mary McDonnell, and she gave me some insight as to what viewers can expect when “Major Crimes” returns for its second season on Monday, June 10, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. She’s especially excited about working with Tom Berenger, who plays her character’s estranged husband, Jackson.

“We’ve worked together before, so we knew that working together again would be awesome,” she said. “He’s been on the set for the past couple of weeks, and it’s been absolutely great! It is exciting because we learn more about Raydor’s past. As we learn about her and how she deals with this personal relationship in her life, we get a much more revealing picture of the woman. The more I find out about her past, the more I understand her present.”

Mary promises an exciting season, telling me: “We are about to finish shooting episode No. 5, so we have a good sense of at least the beginning of the season, and I can tell you we’re pretty excited. It’s fantastic. It’s new, and it’s interesting, and it’s complicated. I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say there’s a lot to be learned, and it’s been tremendous fun to shoot.”

Check back later this week for my full interview with Mary.

Q: I need to know if “Nashville” will be back for another season! — Eric P., St. Louis

A: Nashville has been renewed for a second season by ABC. Go here for a complete list of the fates of all the 2012/13 network shows.

Q: I absolutely loved this season of “Southland.” I heard this was its final season. Is that true? — Don A., via e-mail

A: TNT recently announced that this season of the cop drama was, indeed, its last, opting not to renew the critically acclaimed series for a sixth season.

Q: “Wedding Band” is one of my favorite shows, so as soon as the DVD was available for preorder, I ordered the first season. However, in the Amazon ad it was labeled “The Complete Series.” Please tell me that this is a mistake, and that TBS has renewed the show for a second season! — George J., Fort Worth, Texas

A: Well, George, you might want to hang onto that DVD set, as it might become a collectors’ item. TBS has indeed canceled the comedy starring Brian Austin Green after only one season. The old standby of low ratings was blamed for its cancellation.

Q: I am so glad “Burn Notice” is back, but I heard this is its last season. True? — Ronald P., via e-mail

A: Yes, USA recently announced that season seven will be its last. Jeff Watchel, co-president of USA Network, teased: “(We) will raise the stakes even higher, leading up to a spectacular series finale.”