Mary McDonnell opens up about her early years of struggle

Merline Erda

June 6, 2013

Article taken from Fans Share

  • Mary McDonnell has been in the acting industry for many years
  • She started out as a struggling actress on the Broadway stage
  • Mary says that her struggles are what made her career

It is probably fair to say that actress Mary McDonnell became known, following her role in the movie Dances With Wolves, alongside Kevin Costner. Mary has managed to have a successful career since then but she insists that it was not easy for her in her younger days, as a struggling actress in New York.

McDonnell explained, “I cannot stress enough my early years in New York and the seeds that were planted there and the skills that I developed. If I had come straight to Los Angeles, I really doubt I would be sitting here now. Because of my earlier years of struggle, of study, of working two and three jobs, there’s no way that I would have ended up playing some of the roles that I have.”

She added, “There’s a lot of heartache in being a New York actor. You are slumming around in subways, going into cold, dark theatres with your costumes over your shoulder, in pouring rain, giving your best and getting rejected. There’s years of it for everybody. Well, maybe there’s five people in the world who don’t go through that.”

Mary McDonnell can now be seen on the small screen, starring in the hit TNT television series Major Crimes, which is a spin-off of the hit show The Closer. You can see Mary McDonnell in Major Crimes, when season two premieres on TNT on June 10.

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