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Transcript: Our chat session with Mary McDonnell

Tom O'Neill

June 3, 2007

Article taken from Los Angeles Times

The Emmy candidacy of Mary McDonnell is one of the most intriguing mysteries this year. Putting things into an astrological context, her Emmy stars have lined up perfectly. If she’s ever going to break into those awards big time, it’s now. TV critics have been gushing and cheering “Battlestar Galactica” for three seasons and TV academy members were just told: if you’re ever gonna give this show its due, hurry up. Season four ahead will be its last.

There’s reason to believe that overdue huzzahs could actually happen. McDonnell was nominated in 2002 for a guest role on “E.R.” (and twice at the Oscars). She’is in a crowded Emmy race now, yes, but she may have sufficient core support at this point to land in the top 10 cut-off after a popular vote is conducted of the TV academy’s actors. Then Emmy judges will view sample episodes to determine the final five nominees and McDonnell has chosen a doozy that has an advantage: it’s twice as long as her rivals’. Often that matters. Emmy rules permit contenders to submit a two-parter as long as the combined footage isn’t more than double the program’s regular running time. Season finale “Crossroads, Part 1 and 2” fits those rules and is a good choice dramatically for her.

In our chatroom session Friday night, she revealed that she thought “Crossroads” “more clearly represented the complexity and integrity of Laura Roslin. I wanted to be true to who I think she actually is in my submission.” Particularly strong, McDonnell thinks, is the courtroom scene: “When the moment gets reduced to the most naked form, as it does it that scene, I feel like we’re doing the right work.”

How does McDonnell feel about how sci-fi in general, as a genre, gets snubbed so often by showbiz awards like the Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes?

“The amount of people who are willing to entertain sci-fi seriously has not quite made it to the mainstream,” she said, “but hopefully we’re changing that with ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ Awards are nice, but the fans are most important.”

Hardcore ‘BSG’ fans went WILD during the chat when McDonnell tattled on a past, dishy story line. Hmmm . . . inquiring “BSG” minds wanted to know: Did her character (civilian political leader of the fleet) ever get close to getting extra close to Adama (military commander of the fleet) with whom she’s usually clashing?

“Yes, it almost did happen on New Caprica,” she admitted, causing a galactic-wide hubbub to erupt throughout our chatroom. READ MORE below . . .

Mary McDonnell:Hello everyone!
TrueXena: hiya Mary, welcome.
Justine: Hi, Mary. I love you. :]
restless: bite your tongue Tom
cantdenyoureyes: omg, i’m like crying
Tom O’Neill:Welcome. Question – Let’s get right to the Big Emmy Question. What’s your theory about why the Emmys have so far ignored BSG even though it’s one of the most cheered shows by critics?
K-Dogg: i’m watching “Dances with Wolves” right now on my ipod while chatting
Mary McDonnell:that’s a good question
Tom O’Neill:Do you think it’s the bias against sci-fi that Oscar voters have, too?
Mary McDonnell:(pondering)
englishwanabe: poor you mary!
Mary McDonnell:it’s not necessarily a negative thing
Tom O’Neill:it’s an important question
Mary McDonnell:it’s a very specific piece of work in a very specific genre that’s about to break thru
Tom O’Neill:i know. but this is one of the big mysteries of showbiz awards


englishwanabe: *dances* bexy i love you!
Tom O’Neill:why do films like “Star Wars” lost best pic ? And why do great sci-fi shows like BSG fail to reap major Emmy notice?
Mary McDonnell:and the more people understand what’s being offered by BSG it’s merits become more obvious
Scully4Apple: prejudice, we’re the red headed step child of the biz ๐Ÿ™‚
bsggurl18: So true.
TrueXena: BSG rocks!
twinsuns: How do you choose an episode for consideration?
Mary McDonnell:the amt of people who are willing to entertain sci-fi seriously has not quite made it to the mainstream, but hopefully we’re changing that with BSG
Elipsos: we don’t like looking at reality as starkly as sci-fi shows it
Mary McDonnell:awards ARE nice, but yes, the fans are most important
Scully4Apple: good answer
BC: Are you and Laura alike or different, Mary?
Scully4Apple: lol
Mary McDonnell:YES!
K-Dogg: hey mary – you worked with my uncle, Jeff Doucette, back in the 80s show “E/R” no relation to the Michael Crichton film…
dixgrl78: have you heard anything back about the scrapbooks?
Mary McDonnell:the scrapbook is the most amazing beautiful thing
Mary McDonnell:and i’ve been wondering how to respond so thank you
i’ve been deeply moved by it and showing it to everyone i know
Starbuck92: lol, you’re very welcome!
cantdenyoureyes: hope you liked my drawing!!
solonia: ๐Ÿ™‚
dixgrl78: You can reply at the live journal if you’d like
Elipsos: awww
cannibalcake: ok, I just did a fangirl dance
dropdeadred: aw that’s awesome guys, I saw the scans of the scrapbook, sorry I couldn’t participate
heleng67: Mary have any other projects coming beside bsg?
yuliaone: We noticed that you changed your consideration show from Taking a Break to Crossroads. Any particular reason?
Justine: Yes, I’d like to know as well :]
Tom O’Neill:Mary – let’s talk about your Emmy episode submission. Tell everyone what you picked
Mary McDonnell:We picked Crossroads part 1& 2
dropdeadred: Yes, show your work please hehe
TrueXena: cuz they rocked!
yuliaone: Any reason?
MelSi: *nods* Good choice
twinsuns: Awesome scene in those eps
Mary McDonnell:i felt that Crossroads more clearly represented the complexity and integrity of Laura Roslin
Scully4Apple: phone call in C2 – the best
bsggurl18: Makes me cry *sniffle*
Mary McDonnell:and i wanted to be true to who i think she actually is in my submission
Adama_Roslin_Love_Child: The Eyeglass removal…classic
heleng67: How sad are you that bsg will end i will really miss it.
dropdeadred: oh the phonecall…
TrueXena: Laura Roslin rocks too!
Nat: So you were a part of the decision to switch? Who all makes the decision of what episode to submit for consideration?
twinsuns: Courtroom scenes .. awesome!
TrueXena: *cries about the phone call*
bsggurl18: Definitely!
Scully4Apple: court room scene with “Captain Apollo”
Tom O’Neill:What your favorite scene in that submission ? And why?
Mary McDonnell:the courtroom with Lee Adama
Francisco: That courtroom scene was just amazing, so much emotion
Tom O’Neill:Why?
TrueXena: yeah, that scene made me cry
Becky: guys, can we please relax a little and give Mary time to answer the questions being asked?
Scully4Apple: she ad libbed Captain apollo!
Scully4Apple: awesome
MissViking: that was a great scene
TrueXena: i wanted to beat up Apollo for that!
Mary McDonnell:I always aim as an actress for that kind of honesty and kind of simplicity
Nat: Did you add the line regarding Captain Apollo being gone now? That was implied by Ron in the podcast.
Mary McDonnell:when the moment gets reduced to the most naked form as it does it that scene i feel like we’re doing the right work
cantdenyoureyes: it was beautifully done
Scully4Apple: why does Laura need cancer for a story line?????
2007-06-01 19:04:49.0
Justine: Mary, did you submission choice have anything to do with the wonderful opening scene between Adama and Roslin? The chemistry between you two is brilliant, both of your acting skills really shine.
Mary McDonnell:yes indeed
yuliaone: QUESTION: Is that your fave scene in the series?
Elipsos: think we’ll see the conversation between Roslin and Adama in CIC after she asks them to ask 6?
englishwanabe: I’m 17 mary! and from australia! BSG got taken off air here:O i was appauled!!!!!
Mary McDonnell:i don’t have a favorite scene…
TrueXena: We all do! LOL
yuliaone: Really? Wow.
Kuzya: Hi Mary. There are a lot of your fans in european part of Russia & Belarus (as I know), but the time of our chat is too late for evening and too early for morning, so they asked me to thank you for your play from all our forum)))We’re delighted with your & EJO playing in BSG! If You one day come to Russia, be sure You’re welcome!
loco: What action of Roslinโ€™s do you think she regrets the most, and which one do you disagree with the most?
Nat: Did you like the final cut of Crossroads as compared to what was filmed? From the podcast, it appears more of a relationship was implied in the first cut between Roslin and Adama.
bsggurl18: It’s probably the work in its entirity that makes one the most proud..
eman: I’m not sure we’ve heard the first answer yet. . . could we go back to taking our turns please? Please?
Justine: Order in the courtroom guys :]
Tom O’Neill:Mary — answer any question you like, ignore others
TrueXena: — waiting for someone to say I can ask a question
Tom O’Neill:this is kind of a free for all
Mary McDonnell:trying to read everything…
Justine: slow down guys :]
yuliaone: slow down everyone!!!!
Tom O’Neill:yes, it’s hard, I’m sure
Mary McDonnell:Roslin doesn’t look back…i, personally, had the hardest time committing to the idea of genocide
heleng67: What would the emmy mean to you if nominated?
Mary McDonnell:if i’m nominated, it would mean the show has broken through
K-Dogg: absolutely
Justine: Great point, indeed.
Mary McDonnell:and it would mean i’m representing a GREAT cast & crew who have been passionately committed to telling this epic story
PubliusClodius: Justice
cantdenyoureyes: you desesrve it
Mary McDonnell:and that would make me very proud indeed
K-Dogg: can you talk about your 2002 nomination for ER?
Mary McDonnell:it was a shock
Mary McDonnell:and a delight
Mary McDonnell:i loved playing the role
Noble: Do you think that BSG has changed the way people look at Sci-Fi?
K-Dogg: can you talk about your character
kelinea: you derve it Ms.McDonnell
yuliaone: Are you feeling positive about the potential nomination?
Francisco: More than any season I feel BG should get into the Emmy race, this season was just incredible. Great job by you, the cast, writers, directors and crew
kelinea: deserve sorry
Mary McDonnell:and i loved working with Noah Wyle…and it was kind of interesting because
heleng67: Mary you deserve the emmy thanks for you great work
Narciscia: Hi Mary, thanks so much for being here! (YOU ROCK!)
Mary McDonnell:when they offered me the arc…we talked about how minimal the character needed to be, and i loved the character and wasn’t focused on it being a possible Emmy nom
Mary McDonnell:so when it was i was quite tickled
MidwifeonBoard: Mary. Has playing Roslin changed the way ou look at the world at all?
Mary McDonnell:yes!
jkreamer: Mary I have one question, How does it feel to be an inspiration to young women like myself in todays world where all we see is negative protrays of women and what they can be and contribute to society?
restless: u was robbed, Mary. this is the year!
MidwifeonBoard: How so?
Mary McDonnell:i definitely have broadened my ideas of leadership
dropdeadred: cmon guys
Narciscia: come on people slow it down!
twinsuns: you should already have an emmy and an oscar ๐Ÿ™‚
Mary McDonnell:i have a deeper understanding of power
Mary McDonnell:i understand the difficulty of holding a position of power
Justine: *nods* That’s great :]
Mary McDonnell:and being able to simultaneously maintain one’s humanity
PubliusClodius: Take that clip with Eddie bouncing the phone off of the CIC. Send it to the Emmys.
Elipsos: restless
kelinea: Hi Ms.McDonnell, welcome and thanks to be here with us, there is my question…Is there a specific role you dream of doing either in cinema or theatre?
Mary McDonnell:There is but i’ve just gone blank
Mary McDonnell:everytime someone asks me that!
restless: uh oh
Mary McDonnell:๐Ÿ™‚
Justine: we still love you ๐Ÿ˜€
Elipsos: <—Really enjoyed O Pionners
dropdeadred: Hedda Gabler? I think you’d be awesome as Hedda
jkreamer: yes u would rock as hedda
Mary McDonnell:I want to play Amanda Wingfield in “The Glass Menagerie”
Mary McDonnell:there’s one!
Elipsos: oooo
jkreamer: oh wow
Justine: wow, great part for you! ๐Ÿ˜€
Narciscia: OHHH great play!
dropdeadred: ooo
restless: u could sooo kill that role
K-Dogg: you should reteam with John Sayles for “The Glass Menagerie”
Paul Sheehan: you and Jean Smart should do a play together
Mary McDonnell:i hope that Roslin can see her people successfully to EArth
bsggurl18: Me too!
MelSi: Do you personally believe that current TV/films are reflecting our society or do they influence or even shape our possible future – and in that context, where do think your character Laura Roslin fits in?
yuliaone: order please, people. NExt?
Justine: Yes! Of course, implying that she’s the dying leader? (sorry, had to butt in)
twinsuns: As BSG is ending next year, what are your plans for the future?
Mary McDonnell:I think Roslin is on the cutting edge of female characters who are learning how to handle power
twinsuns: mines there .. I got missed
Noble: Do you think that BSG has changed the way people look at Sci-Fi?
Tom O’Neill:Mary, as an Emmy expert , I seriously believe that you have a real shot at an Emmy nom. Therefore, you could win, too. What would you say at the podium, if you did? Like many a young actress, have you practiced that speech in the shower?
Mary McDonnell:Tom, not yet
Tom O’Neill:oh, come on .YOU CAN TELL US
Mary McDonnell:but thanks for your well wishes
bsggurl18: LOL
Justine: you’re going to win!! :]
jkreamer: Thanks mary I so used Roslin as an example of poweful women for a paper
Mary McDonnell:I’d like to thank Tom O’Neil for reasons only he knows
K-Dogg: you dont need a trophy to be a good actress
Mary McDonnell:๐Ÿ™‚
K-Dogg: just look at Rosalind Russell and Deborah Kerr
restless: patience
PubliusClodius: Appluads
Mary McDonnell:seriously though…in the possibility of winning an Emmy for BSG
Tom O’Neill:You’re right on the cusp. Voters know you and hear the TV critics gushing over your work. I think the extra exposure you’ll get in the LA Times this week will help
K-Dogg: i think you could play Scarlett O’Hara
Adama_Roslin_Love_Child: Mary please forgive everyone.,..we just admire you so much we are tripping over each other to talk to you
Tom O’Neill:All you need to do is to get into the top 10 finalists
Mary McDonnell:the idea would fill me with gratitude
Tom O’Neill:then, if you make it in, you just have to wow the judges with a good episode — and you have that
Mary McDonnell:there’s something quite special and unusual about representing a show & a genre & a Channel that has so far has not been recognized by Emmys
Mary McDonnell:and if my position in the industry combined with Laura Roslin can help move the genre forward, i’d be extremely happy
Elipsos: ::notes that Mrs. Ron was on the sci fi boards, we aren’t that scary::
Tom O’Neill:This can be your big breakthrough year — it took Star Trek a few years before the Emmys nominated it
dropdeadred: SciFi isn’t what it used to be, and BSG is breaking the mold
K-Dogg: any future FILM projects lined up?
BC: Well, Mary, Sci-Fi is the ugly stepchild of the Academy…it’s been that way since “Twilight Zone”. Hopefully, you can break the barrier.
Tom O’Neill:Then the Emmys did big time
Tom O’Neill:So it could happen to you, too
Tom O’Neill:Especially with this new voting method — someone like you stands to benefit the most
Justine: We need to recognize what she’s saying. Not bombard her with questions.
jkreamer: yes
Justine: She’s saying some very notable things right here.
PubliusClodius: Well said Mary, how is the shooting season going so far?
bsggurl18: It really meant a lot to me…your work, and you have been a real inspiration to me for a long time…and got me through some really hard times recently. So thank you.
Mary McDonnell:Tom, you make me blush
restless: *organizes committee to find out how to stuff Emmy ballot box*
Mary McDonnell:had a wonderful breakfast with Ron
PubliusClodius: ๐Ÿ˜‰
Tom O’Neill:I’m just telling it like it is
Mary McDonnell:and a VERY interesting discussion about season 4
BC: Tom has that power, Mary to make people blush.
Mary McDonnell:which i will NOT share
Mary McDonnell:๐Ÿ˜‰
Elipsos: awww
dixgrl78: no fair
loco: Mary taunts us
BC: Smart.
Mary McDonnell:but i’m VERY excited
twinsuns: awww *pouts*
Justine: Marrrryyyy
Nat: *whispers* share! We won’t tell! *cough*
MidwifeonBoard: Airlock her
PubliusClodius: Buayahahaha
Scully4Apple: MMD thank you for saying “Laura has lost her way” to RDM – many of us have been talking about the reduced role of women on the show. Thank you for pointing that out.
jkreamer: Mary I already asked a question but I’m going to ask a silly one were dying to know where you buy your shoes
jkreamer: ha
BC: That’s good to hear.
heleng67: Mary is teasing us LOL
Mary McDonnell:however, i must admit, our breakfast was bittersweet
smrou: Mary, has the story for season 4 been completely figured out from beginning to end?
SVRaven: shh
Mary McDonnell:I’ll find out about the platforms for you
Elipsos: loves s4a
englishwanabe: Did you have chocolate chip pancakes! i had them when i was in america! they were amazing! new york was so frakking fantastic!
Mary McDonnell:what girl doesn’t love shoes
bsggurl18: Oh, and I’m glad you liked the leg clinging picture…thought it would scare you away.
restless: Mary, we have been crying into our beers about the end of BSG….
jkreamer: oh my god thank u
Justine: SHOES. Mary, I love you.
dropdeadred: The shoes in the season 3 promos were FIERCE
Mary McDonnell:the story for season 4 is NOT completely figured out yet
jkreamer: did they hurt?
Mary McDonnell:but
PubliusClodius: ?
MelSi: but?!
Elipsos: oh man
Mary McDonnell:in ron’s extraordinary imagination
twinsuns: but??
TrueXena: lol
Mary McDonnell:the wheels are turning
MidwifeonBoard: Laura better not die1
cantdenyoureyes: can we slow down a little and let her answer??
Mary McDonnell:and the possibilities are phenomenal
Elipsos: there goes the scifi boards
smrou: Thank you, Mary. I’m very excited for next season, especially since it’s the last one.
Mary McDonnell:i would love to do another sitcom
heleng67: Will you be on the whole season or will the cancer take Roslin?
restless: yay!
bsggurl18: Slow down guys….
Mary McDonnell:it would be nice to laugh for a few years
Bexy: DOLLY SHOES! But other shoes don’t excite me =D
TrueXena: Question: Mary, you’ve said more than once, that you character Laura Roslin is not in a ‘place’ to get closer to Admiral Adama, can you tell us Adama/Roslin lovers what exactly has to happen to get that character in the right place? And did it almost happen on New Caprica?
Mary McDonnell:Yes, it almost did happen on new caprica
Adama_Roslin_Love_Child: OMG!
Scully4Apple: WOO HOO
Narciscia: OMG!
restless: omg
Adama_Roslin_Love_Child: SHE SAID IT!
Scully4Apple: HOT
dropdeadred: whaaa?
Justine: I LOVE YOU.
Scully4Apple: LUV IT
twinsuns: dskfkldsjfdagsdrfg
TrueXena: YES!!! I can DIE NOW!!!!
MidwifeonBoard: breathe in, breather out
Narciscia: THANK YOU!
dropdeadred: *chair dance*
Mary McDonnell:whatever happens between adama & roslin happens in spite of her ideas & thoughts about what SHOULDN’T happen
Elipsos: there go the boards again
kelinea: lol
Bexy: *Ducks from the A/R attack*
Scully4Apple: you just made our weekend
Narciscia: Will Adama and Roslin get together?
Scully4Apple: LOL
K-Dogg: so you can slow down.
Mary McDonnell:it was a storyline that i was fascinated by
Mary McDonnell:and still am
cantdenyoureyes: since everyone’s going crazy, i’ll just throw my question in here. if it gets answered, so be it
BC: This is the most insanely fast chat that I’ve been involved in.
Mary McDonnell:for example, Roslin has cyclon DNA
Murphy987: Ms. McDonnell, it really is an honour and a pleasure. Youโ€™re work is remarkable. Now onto the question: Youโ€™ve spoken previously about how itโ€™s often been difficult to reconcile your personal beliefs with the show, but more specifically, Iโ€™m interested in how the use of religion to drive public policy on Battlestar related to the real life situation weโ€™re in of religion driving public policy? Do you think this position between TV-life and real-life has caused an backlash (i.e. perhaps with awards show โ€“ see, Iโ€™m on topic, I swear!!)?
bsggurl18: Yeah…
Mary McDonnell:i don’t know if that will be explored
cantdenyoureyes: Now that Roslinโ€™s cancer has returned, is the trinity theory that was floating around a lot of the BSG communities โ€“ being that since the blood transfusion, Roslin for all purposes could be considered the daughter of Hera – possibly coming into play??
Justine: That would be awesome if it were!-
dropdeadred: BC – it’s the most respectful celebchat I’ve ever seen
TrueXena: but she’s NOT a cylon right?
Mary McDonnell:but, Mary & Laura are fascinated by it
twinsuns: shhhh she’s talking about cylon DNA
Justine: :]
PubliusClodius: It’s been done to death at Skiffy
Mary McDonnell:hello Russia & Belarus
Elipsos: oh
twinsuns: As BSG is ending next year, what are your plans for the future?
Mary McDonnell:oh Tom…we miss you
yuliaone: Don’t forget Ukraine…. they have female leaders there!! ๐Ÿ™‚
TrueXena: yeah cort is in love with Mary
Mary McDonnell:I have many plans
bsggurl18: Yeah, I am
Elipsos: Mary- wew are trying to be orderly and whatnot….trying to keep it organized and slowish
Mary McDonnell:and projects that have been put on hold…that’s it’s time to take out and take a look and see if i’m still interested in developing
Mary McDonnell:There may be something at ComiCon in July
Mary McDonnell:and next week
dropdeadred: Gah I’m going to miss comicon
MelSi: Is it true that you’re adapting a novel for stage?!
K-Dogg: when is comicon this year?
dropdeadred: Last week in July
BC: what’s comicon?
Mary McDonnell:June 6 – there’s a fan event in LA — at the Arclight Cineramadome
Mary McDonnell:8pm
K-Dogg: geek convention
dropdeadred: I’ll be there yay!
Mary McDonnell:a screening and panel discussion with myself, Eddie, Katee & Jamie
jkreamer: cant afford ticket or I would be there
BC: Geek convention?
Scully4Apple: checked on flights over night, can’t make it ๐Ÿ™
Mary McDonnell:more details on scifi.com/battlestar — seating is limited
bsggurl18: Yeah, it’s about timing lol
Mary McDonnell:I might do an episode commentary
cantdenyoureyes: can we relazx please?? we’re gonna end up scaring her off
Justine: Geez, I can’t keep up and I’m not even answering.
restless: yay, we’re getting sick of RDM
Iris: Hi Mary, just wondering if you were still planning to adapt the Nuala O’faolin book? I read the book on your recommendation and absolutely loved it! (sorry if q was out of order, I’ve lost track!)
Nat: I’m curious about the comment about what Roslin thinks should or should not happen with Adama: do you think that is specifically due to the specific characters’ responsibilities, or do you think a relationship would weaken any woman in such a powerful position?
Justine: stop asking questions and let her answer something!
Mary McDonnell:good question, Nat
Mary McDonnell:I can only speak from her point of view and i sense that the level of emotional vulnerability an actual relationship would require
Mary McDonnell:would seem to threaten perhaps Roslin’s stability
dropdeadred: Mary for the win!
BC: Yes, K-Dogg, you da man.
Emma.: Miss Mulgrew didn’t like the possibility and completly oposed to it. At the end Chakotay ended up with Seven of Nine.
twinsuns: let her answer
Justine: May I ask you a question, Mary, regarding the A/R relationship?
Scully4Apple: Laura’s afraid to be vulnerable
loco: I wonder if Roslin feels betrayed by Adama’s vote to acquit Baltar?
dropdeadred: As are most women in power
Mary McDonnell:her commitment is to the fleet…and her lack of emotional confusion has, i believe, been one of her strengths
dropdeadred: i fear
Mary McDonnell:i’m sorry, i’m trying to read everything and it’s more difficult than you’d imagine
englishwanabe: can i have a cocktail!
Mary McDonnell:Tom…any question from you? or did we lose you?
BC: Where did Tom go?
SVRaven: My friend Matt is a huge fan but couldn’t be here tonight and I just wanted to ask if you’d just type “Hi Matt” for him.
Mary McDonnell:HI MATT
MidwifeonBoard: I think she’s reading. Patience!
Tom O’Neill:I’m here! phone rang — sorry — juggling a few things at once — i just got off TV, you know — follow up — I just appeared on Nancy Grace’s TV show tonigh
BC: You appeared on Nancy Grace, tom? Ouch.
Tom O’Neill:Yes, dishing Paris Hilton going to jail. Double ouch.
Mary McDonnell:Hera & Laura has something to do with evolution
Guru: Mary – What is your favorite movie of yours?
heleng67: At was Bryant university with my sister she gave you a coin air force unit you were awesome!
Mary McDonnell:Heleng67 โ€ฆ i’ve been trying to find out who gave me the coin at Bryant
Mary McDonnell:what’s the email?
heleng67: My sister TSgt Mary Gallagher
Mary McDonnell:yes! i’ve been wanting to thank her…please, send me her email
heleng67: maryg1242002@yahoo.com
Mary McDonnell:THANK YOU!
dixgrl78: Mary to reply to the scrapbook fund raisers send email to marymcdonnellcares@yahoo.com
heleng67: She is in Iraq right now be would love your email
Mary McDonnell:she IS?
Mary McDonnell:she was redeployed?
heleng67: Yes she was just recently
jkreamer: sending good vibes
kelinea: *love to helen’s siter*
twinsuns: and prayers
Mary McDonnell:I will definitely email her…
Mary McDonnell:any more Emmy questions before we head out?
Tom O’Neill:Tell us what you think of all of these showbiz awards. Which ones would you really like to win?
Mary McDonnell:I’d love us to get a SAGAward
Tom O’Neill:Yeah!
jkreamer: a Sag would rock
yuliaone: Yes, definitely
Mary McDonnell:for Ensemble Acting…i honestly feel it’s the best ensemble out there
Paul Sheehan: an ensemble award
Tom O’Neill:SAG is like the Emmy — both are from the industry — your peers
twinsuns: Thanks so much for coming on tonight … sorry about the swarm, lol ๐Ÿ™‚
Beth2Earth: thank you
Mary McDonnell:Thank You Tom
TrueXena: yes we love you!
dropdeadred: Many thanks for chatting!
Mary McDonnell:it’s been my pleasure
Tom O’Neill:This was fun
solonia: Mary. I just quickly wanted to say hi and *thank you* again from me and my bf (we who make the little BSG comicses). ๐Ÿ™‚
smrou: Thank you for answering our questions, Mary.
Noble: Tahnks, good luck with the Emmy!
Emma.: Thank you Mary.
Mary McDonnell:it was fun!
restless: WE LOVE YOU MARY!!!
Elipsos: Thanks! we tried not to be scary
Narciscia: thanks from jess!
BC: Good luck, you’re hot! **kisses her hand**
Nat: Thanks Mary, and all the best. We are rooting for you!
jkreamer: Mary please get back to me on the shoes
Arguendo: Thank you!!!
Mary McDonnell:and thank you for all your kind words and well wishes…all of you
Selenay_x: Thank you for taking the time
dixgrl78: best luck this season!!!
K-Dogg: here’s to an oscar…and emmy
PubliusClodius: Well done, see you around the Watchtower
jkreamer: I want the shoes
Mary McDonnell:๐Ÿ˜‰
K-Dogg: get some sleep Mary!
Mary McDonnell:have a wondeful evening!
jkreamer: please
cantdenyoureyes: i just want to thank you. you’ve been such an inspiration in my life
SoMad: YEs, thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!
Beth2Earth: this was a cool birthday treat for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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