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Birthday 2021 Gift: Day Two

- Posted on December 29, 2021

Today’s gift is more for me than you probably, it was something I wished to do for a while. Granted that the previous layouts, j’adore, they came out as beautiful as they were from a long time of emotional instability which brought me to follow Carrie Fisher motto and taking my broken heart to put […]

Birthday 2021 Gift: Day One

- Posted on December 28, 2021

SEVEN YEARS. People, it’s been seven years: December 2014. Time flies so fast when you have fun and look how far it went from then. We started with barely 20k files in gallery and seven years after we are just a little bit away from 100k. And so many followers later here we are, as […]

Happy Birthday, Mary!

- Posted on April 28, 2021

“ We turn not older with years, but newer every day. ” Emily Dickinson said it right. With every new year passing, our beautiful Goddess of Acting becomes newer and always more beautiful and shining. 100 of these days (yeah I have hopes for Mary to live a little over the century) and many more […]

Happy Birthday, Mary!

- Posted on April 28, 2020

Another year has passed and the birthday of our precious lady Mary McDonnell has come again. The current situation makes it difficult, many birthdays can’t be celebrated big, but the spirit is there. So join me in wishing Mary a very happy birthday, full of love and joy with her beloved ones. May this life […]

Happy Birthday, Mary!

- Posted on April 28, 2019

Yes, another year the earth rounded on itself and around the sun and we arrived to Mary McDonnell’s birthday! Mary, every year passing you become more beautiful, wise and inspiring to a whole generation of both young and older women (a few guys too!) fanart created by IlariaSco_ And in light of this inspiration, we […]

MMV Audio Section

- Posted on January 16, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome the audio section of the site, a place to collect all audio interviews (no video, no image) Mary did during the years. This was such a valuable and good section from Mostly Mary that I needed to find a way to import into the site and gladly I managed to create […]

New Layouts: Version #5!

- Posted on September 7, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to version #5 of Mary McDonnell Vault, dedicated to Mary at events. After focusing for the past 3 versions on her career, I decided to go for a change and since it’s no mystery that events are my most favorite part, I worked with it. Most of this, even the portraits, […]

Happy Birthday, Mary!

- Posted on April 28, 2018

They say she turns 66 today, but she wasn’t totally wrong in her instagram message, it looks like 36!!! Happy Birthday, Mary! May you always keep smiling and enjoy the beautiful things of life. May it always bring you love and admiration. It is the deepest honor to be a fan and supporter of the […]

Review: Major Crimes and the end of Sharon Raydor.

- Posted on December 22, 2017

For those of you who have been following me for the past (almost!) 3 years, you know I do not review episodes, nor I comment too much on the site, because I have always firmly believed that a fansite owner needs to be super partes, and always keep things controlled and never expressed for this […]