A View from the Bridge

Character: Beatrice

Written by: Arthur Miller

Cast Members: Harry Hamlin, Amy Pietz, Ed O'Neill

Venue: L.A. Theatre

Genre: Drama

Italian-American immigrant life in the 1950’s textures this searing drama of love and revenge. Longshoreman Eddie Carbone is devoted to his wife, Beatrice and to his niece, Catherine. When Beatrice’s impoverished Sicilian cousins enter the U.S. illegally, in hope of finding work, Eddie gives them a helping hand. But when Catherine and one of the cousins fall in love, Eddie’s affection for his niece turns into obsession.


O’Neill, McDonnell, and Pietz prove a strong trio in illustrating Eddie’s lust for Catherine, Catherine’s emerging sense of womanhood, and Beatrice’s delicate dance between her love for husband and her maternal feelings for Catherine. The most effective scenes are back-to-back scenes in act 1 between Beatrice and Catherine when Beatrice is forced to tell Catherine: “Do you think I’m jealous?” and between Eddie and Alfleri when he seeks advice about Rodolpho being “not right.” Both convey each character’s frustration in accepting and understanding Catherine’s relationship with Rodolpho.Stephen Marino

Script developed by Never Enough Design