An American Daughter

Character: Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes

Written by: Wendy Wasserstein

Venue: L.A. Theatre Works

Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes is nominated to be the Surgeon General of the United States and appears to be a certainty. She is the daughter of a senator. However, during an interview, she mentions that she had never been on a jury and, discussing her dead mother, describes her as "an ordinary Indiana housewife who made icebox cakes and pimento cheese canapés." Her nomination is now in doubt, with her friend, Judith B. Kaufman, an African American Jewish physician, lending support.


Mary McDonnell’s sultry voice perfectly suits Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes’s got-it-all-together (or does she?) character. And as expected from this company’s performance level, the sound effects are well rendered and non-intrusive.Wendy Wasserstein

Script developed by Never Enough Design