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Battlestar Galactica (Season 3)

3.01 – Occupation
aired on October 6, 2006
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan | Written by: Ronald D. Moore

Tigh, Tyrol and Anders lead the Resistance on New Caprica to increasingly deadly attacks against the Cylons. Kara finds herself trapped in a new life with Leoben Conoy, and Duck makes a fateful decision. Meanwhile on Galactica, Adama struggles with the question of whether to return to New Caprica to mount a rescue attempt.
3.02 – Precipice
aired on October 6, 2006
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan | Written by: Ronald D. Moore

Adama plans to return to New Caprica and drop off a surprising person to act as a liaison between Galactica and the Resistance. Tigh’s insistence on the use of suicide bombers and ever escalating violence stuns even the fellow leaders of the Resistance. Eventually, the suicide bombings cause the Cylon occupiers to crackdown on their human subjects.
3.03 – Exodus (Part 1)
aired on October 13, 2006
Directed by: Félix Enríquez Alcalá | Written by: Bradley Thompson, David Weddle

Sharon helps to organize the Resistance as Adama heads to New Caprica aboard Galactica for a daring rescue operation. Lee disagrees with Adama’s plan to return to New Caprica, arguing that they need to focus on the survival of humanity. He sees the rescue mission as a one-way trip.
3.04 – Exodus (Part 2)
aired on October 20, 2006
Directed by: Félix Enríquez Alcalá | Written by: Bradley Thompson, David Weddle

Tigh must decide the fate of his wife Ellen after the assistance she rendered to the Cylons. Lee struggles with his assignment to protect the civilian fleet on its journey toward Earth while Adama returns to New Caprica with just the Galactica. The Resistance coordinates an attack on the Cylons just as Galactica arrives. As the Cylons begin to lose control, Number Three (D’Anna Biers) vows to put a final end to the New Caprican experiment.
3.05 – Collaborators
aired on October 27, 2006
Directed by: Michael Rymer | Written by: Mark Verheiden

Tyrol participates in the Circle, a secret tribunal on Galactica that tries and convicts in absentia those accused of collaborating with the Cylons during the Occupation. The death sentences–administered without the knowledge of Roslin or Adama–begin to weigh on Tyrol’s conscience. Baltar faces a similar jury among the Cylons, who must decide whether he is allowed to stay with them.
Thank you all for, once again, entrusting me with this higher office of civil service. Today is a new beginning for all of us. We share a unique destiny, but our future is ours to shape and our past cannot be forgotten. A new day requires new thinking, and while I had intended on using this occasion as an opportunity to announce the formation of a special prosecutor’s office charged with investigating acts of collaboration with the enemy; I have decided instead that a different gesture is called for on this, the first day of my next term as your president. We all feel the need for justice, and we all feel the need for vengeance, and telling the difference between the two can be difficult at times. We are all victims of the Cylons, and none of us can be impartial. I certainly can’t. So today I am forming a commission on truth and reconciliation to hear our stories and record them for posterity. There will be no prosecutions. I am issuing a general pardon for every human being in this fleet. This will not be a popular move today, but I truly believe that is the only way for us to move forward in strength in the spirit of healing and reconciliation. I thank you for your continued patience and courage. Good day.
3.06 – Torn
aired on November 3, 2006
Directed by: Jean de Segonzac | Written by: Anne Cofell Saunders

The Galactica encounters a Cylon Basestar devastated by a deadly virus. Lingering feelings of rage lead Saul Tigh and Kara Thrace to cause problems aboard Galactica between the survivors from New Caprica and those who stayed with the fleet during the Occupation. Baltar tries to convince the Cylons of his value to them in an attempt to stay alive.
3.07 – A Measure of Salvation
aired on November 10, 2006
Directed by: Bill Eagles | Written by: Michael Angeli

When a group of ill Cylons from the infected Basestar is brought to Galactica, Lee discovers a way to solve the Cylon problem forever – by destroying the whole Cylon race. Meanwhile, D’anna’s acts to discover if Baltar is reliable will forge an unusual relationship.
3.08 – Hero
aired on November 17, 2006
Directed by: Michael Rymer | Written by: David Eick

A figure from Adama’s past returns to haunt him. His return raises questions about why the Cylons launched their initial attack against the Twelve Colonies.
3.09 – Unfinished Business
aired on December 1, 2006
Directed by: Robert Young | Written by: Michael Taylor

A look at the events that took place during the year-long gap from the storyline in the Season Two finale. The story reveals the reasons for the rift between Kara (“Starbuck”) and Lee (“Apollo”).
Is this really it, Bill? Is this how we’re gonna spend all the rest of our days? Hmm? I mean enjoy being here on this planet as long as it lasts. I mean, maybe the Cylons come back, maybe they don’t, but for now, right now… We’ve got a break.
3.10 – The Passage
aired on December 8, 2006
Directed by: Michael Nankin | Written by: Jane Espenson

The Colonial fleet makes a harrowing journey. Kat plays a vital role in the success or failure of the passage.
3.11 – The Eye of Jupiter
aired on December 15, 2006
Directed by: Michael Nankin | Written by: Mark Verheiden

The crew of Galactica makes a stop at the barren Algae planet.
3.12 – Rapture
aired on January 21, 2007
Directed by: Michael Nankin | Written by: Bradley Thompson, David Weddle

The Cylons descend upon the re-supply mission as the Chief races to decipher the markings in the temple believed to hold The Eye of Jupiter, a sacred icon that is believed to contain a map to Earth.
3.13 – Taking a Break from All Your Worries
aired on January 28, 2007
Directed by: Edward James Olmos | Written by: Michael Taylor

Baltar plays a game of cat and mouse with Adama and the President, thinking they will kill him once they’ve gotten out of him what they want to know. Lee deals with his feelings for Kara, while struggling to hang on to his marriage.
3.14 – The Woman King
aired on February 11, 2007
Directed by: Michael Rymer | Written by: Michael Angeli

When a group of refugees board Galactica with a curable illness, it becomes very mysterious when they begin to die after taking the injection they do not believe in.
3.15 – A Day in the Life
aired on February 18, 2007
Directed by: Rod Hardy | Written by: Mark Verheiden

The Chief and his wife get trapped in an airlock on a routine maintenance job, while the Admiral copes with his wedding anniversary and the memories of his ex-wife.
I’m glad you stopped by. I have something for you. This was given to me by one of the colonists down on New Caprica. And I forgot about it, but Tory found it in a pile old clothes. Don’t let the title fool you. It’s a pretty good mystery. I think you’ll like it. And it’s not a loan, it’s a gift.
3.16 – Dirty Hands
aired on February 25, 2007
Directed by: Wayne Rose | Written by: Jane Espenson, Anne Cofell Saunders

When the head of the fuel production plant holds the fleet hostage by providing unsafe fuel, he’s arrested for treason, which results in the Chief sent to the ship and held responsible for getting the plant back up and running.
3.17 – Maelstrom
aired on March 4, 2007
Directed by: Michael Nankin | Written by: Bradley Thompson, David Weddle

The Admiral is forced to make the decision of whether to ground Kara Thrace when she begins to show signs of an oncoming nervous breakdown.
3.18 – The Son Also Rises
aired on March 11, 2007
Directed by: Robert Young | Written by: Michael Angeli

Besides having to deal with the loss of Kara Thrace, the crew of the Galactica is also charged with the security surrounding the trial of Dr. Baltar and his defense attorney, who is replacing one lawyer that has already been killed.
3.19 – Crossroads (Part 1)
aired on March 18, 2007
Directed by: Michael Rymer | Written by: Michael Taylor

Baltar goes on trial for his life, and it affects everyone from Lee on up to the president.
3.20 – Crossroads (Part 2)
aired on March 25, 2007
Directed by: Michael Rymer | Written by: Mark Verheiden

Coincidences creates new alliances aboard Galactica.
I don’t want to face them. I don’t want to face any of them. I just want to stay in bed all day and sleep.