Crazy Like A Fox

Character: Amy Banks

Directed by: Richard Squires

Written by: Richard Squires

Produced by: Patricia Foulkrod, Kimba Hills, Bill Warrell, Dagmar Whittmer

Cast Members: Roger Rees, Chloe Squires, Cody Wisker, Mark Joy

Released date: October 25, 2004 (USA)

Genre: Drama, Comedy

This is the story of Nat Banks, an 8th generation Virginian gentleman farmer living in the past, who loses his family farm, Greenwood, to a pair of land speculators from Washington, D.C. When the predatory couple manipulates a "legal" real estate transaction that turns into a hostile possession of the manor house, he temporarily loses his mind, leaving his family but not the farm. Instead he hides out in a cave on Goose Creek, waging guerilla warfare against expansionism and the destruction of historic property with the help of his family, friends, and neighbors...

Movie Quotes

Claudia Banks: Why didn’t dad come with us, mom?
Amy Banks: He’s staying on at Greenwood for a while
Claudia Banks: I thought we just left Greenwood…?
Amy Banks: I know sweetie, but he’s staying on.
Claudia Banks: Till when?
Amy Banks: We’re stil working that out.
Turner Banks: How com dad gets to stay at Greenwood and we don’t?
Claudia Banks: Are you and dad…?
Amy Banks: Eat your pizza, Claudia.
Turner Banks: Are you and dad getting divorced?
Amy Banks: Oh, no, no. I love your dad. And he loves me.
Claudia Banks: Then why isn’t he here?
Amy Banks: [a bit annoyed] I told you, he still has some things to do.
Claudia Banks: [after a break] Why don’t we all just stay there?
Amy Banks: Because it isn’t big enough.
Claudia Banks: [boggled – as Greenwood is a large mansion] What isn’t?
Amy Banks: You know… the cave.

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