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Character: Eleanor Carter

Created by: Michael Crichton

Directed by: Christopher Chulack, Jonathan Kaplan, Richard Thorpe

Written by: Michael Crichton

Produced by: Michael Crichton, John Wells, Wendy Spence, Christopher Chulack, Richard Thorpe

Cast Members: Noah Wyle, Laura Innes, Laura Cerón, Deezer D, Alex Kingston, Julianna Margulies, Parminder Nagra, George Clooney

Released date: September 27, 2001

Episode(s) Number: 8x01, 8x11, 8x12, 8x13, 8x14

Episode(s) Title: "Four Corners", "Beyond Repair", "A River in Egypt", "Damage Is Done", "A Simple Twist of Fate"

Genre: Drama


→ Mary McDonnell and Noah Wyle had previously worked together on Donnie Darko (2001).
→ Mary McDonnell received an Emmy nomination for her work in this season, her first appereance is episode 8×01.

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In Mary’s words…

The dramatic ER was fantastic. It was such an interesting character, one that was very short-lived but was very powerful nonetheless. And I do love Noah Wyle, so it was very easy to step into playing his mother and understanding him as that entity. It was quite wonderful. I loved it. [from “Mary McDonnell on Battlestar Galactica and going mute in front of Robert Redford” by Will Harris]

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