Execution of Justice

Character: Mary Ann White

Directed by: Emily Mann

Written by: Emily Mann

Produced by: Lester Osterman, Marjorie Osterman, Mortimer Caplin

Cast Members: Gerry Bamman, Lisabeth Bartlett, Jeremy O. Caplin , Josh Clark, Jon De Vries, Donal Donnelly, Peter Friedman, Nicholas Hormann,

Venue: Virginia Theatre

Production Dates: March 13, 1986 - March 22, 1986

Genre: Drama

In the play, the trial itself is on trial in the court of theater and is found guilty of a miscarriage of justice, parallelling the actual case which resulted in White being convicted of a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, rather than two counts of first-degree murder, and sentenced to less than eight years. The play references the urban legend[6][7] that White's defense strategy was primarily the so-called "Twinkie defense" — painting his junk food consumption as a significant or even in some versions the sole cause of his actions.

Script developed by Never Enough Design