Garbo Talks

Character: Lady Capulet

Directed by: Sidney Lumet

Written by: Larry Grusin

Produced by: Burtt Harrism, Elliott Kastner

Cast Members: Anne Bancroft, Ron Silver, Carrie Fisher, Catherine Hicks, Steven Hill,

Released date: October 12, 1984

Genre: Comedy, Drama

The son of a woman dying of a brain tumour tries to fulfil his mother's last wish: to meet Greta Garbo.

In Mary’s words…

Oh, yeah. Garbo Talks. I played Lady Capulet in the park, right? Actually, all I remember was… I mean, how great was that headpiece? [Laughs.] The costume was so amazing! And the other thing I remember from it was that the makeup artist had worked with Jane Fonda for years, and he was doing my makeup, and he said, “You know, with your facial structure, you could play Jane Fonda’s little sister.” And I just took that away. That was all I needed! Isn’t that funny? [from “Mary McDonnell on Battlestar Galactica and going mute in front of Robert Redford by Will Harris]

Script developed by Never Enough Design