Major Crimes

Character: Captain/Commander Sharon Raydor

Created by: James Duff

Directed by: Michael M. Robin, Steve Robin, Sheelin Choksey, Rick Wallace, David McWhirter, Stacey K. Black, Paul McCrane, Leo Geter, Jon Tenney, Anthony Hemingway, Nzingha Stewart, Patrick Duffy, David A. Harp, Sylvain White, Arvin Brown, Roxann Dawson, James Duff, Jennifer Phang

Written by: James Duff, Ralph Gifford, Kendall Sherwood, Carson Moore, Damani Johnson, Michael Zara, Nick Zayas, Adam Belanoff, Duppy Demetrius, Michael Alaimo, Mike Berchem, Jim Leonard, Leo Geter, Steven Kane

Produced by: Ronald Chong, Sheelin Choksey, Mike Berchem, Giampaolo Debole, Paul Orehovec, Kendall Sherwood

Cast Members: G. W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz, Kearran Giovanni, Phillip P. Keene, Graham Patrick Martin, Jonathan Del Arco, Robert Gossett, Jon Tenney, Leonard Roberts, Daniel Di Tomasso, Jessica Meraz

Released date: August 13, 2012

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama


Major Crimes. Major Convictions.
Leading with convictions.


→ Spin-off from The Closer, in which McDonnell played as guest actor and then in a recurring role as Captain Sharon Raydor.
→ Lieutenant Chuck Cooper is played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner. He and McDonnell previously worked together in Three Ways Home.
→ Among the many guest stars on the show, in episode 4×03, we meet Jamie Bamber in the role of Malcolm Rich. He and McDonnell played in Battlestar Galactica together.

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In Mary’s words…

I think that we all have an antagonist and a protagonist in us at any moment. And quite often we will be perceived as an antagonist by others, but they’re only seeing us at a very specific moment in our lives, or seeing a specific action. They don’t know us at all. And we’re very quick to judge people. I wanted the opportunity to take “Darth Raydor,” as the characters called her, and open her up so people would go: “You know what, I was pretty quick to judge that woman and I didn’t know a thing about her.” And that’s what happened. And I’m thrilled with that. [from “A conversation with Mary McDonnell” by K. Tempest Bradford]

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