Three Ways Home

Character: Sharon

Directed by: Chris Silva

Written by: Casey Kurtti

Produced by: John Bard Manulis, New Writers at the Westside, Marilyn Tsai

Cast Members: S. Epatha Merkerson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Venue: Astor Place Theatre

Production Dates: May 11, 1988

Genre: Drama

This haunting drama consists of inter locking monologues by a black woman, her disturbed teenaged son, and Sharon, a white social worker. Dawn is a streetwise super mom with four kids. The other three are fine, but Frankie is falling into a self destructive fantasy world peopled by supernatural buddies. The social worker tries to help Dawn and Frankie and becomes truly committed. At first, Dawn resists Sharon's help. Gradually the two women become friends united in a common goal: to save Frankie.


The most persuasive performance is given by Ms. McDonnell, who enhances her role with an engaging informality. It is through her eyes that we feel the desperate urgency in this disintegrating household. Initially concerned, she soon finds herself irritated by the stubbornness of the welfare mother, but then recognizes the need for trust on both sides. The eventual amity between the two contrasting women is touching, but the play and the production are strewn with hazards.Mel Gussow

Script developed by Never Enough Design