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  • Welcome to Mary McDonnell Vault, your online resource dedicated to actress Mary McDonnell. You better know Mary for her role as Captain Sharon Raydor for the TNT crime series The Closer & Major Crimes. But she also did others like Battlestar Galactica, Independence Day, Donnie Darko, Dances with Wolves, Sneakers and many others. Site is comprehensive of a big photogallery with events, photoshoots, magazines, stills, a media archive dedicated to all fans fanarts on Mary, an extensive press library to collect all the articles and interviews on her and a video gallery section for recorded interviews, sneak peeks and trailers of her projects. We claim no rights to know her personally and it's absolutely respectful of her privacy and paparazzi-free!!!
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    And for the second and last day of the German Comic Con, SpaceParents Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, attended another panel for Battlestar Galactica. Today as well Britta donated her photos to the Mary McDonnell Vault.

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    The first day of German Comic Con has passed and the lovely Britta donated us some photos from the BSG Panel with Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. Take a look and enjoy!

    June 6, 2019    Appereances    Leave a Reply

    Wandered a little into my archive folders and found a few photos of Mary McDonnell from various events during the years. Take a look and enjoy!

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    Mary McDonnell is headed to Münich next week for the German Comic Con, with her long time friend Edward James Olmos. Space Parents reunite in Germany again.
    As they announced on facebook, you can still buy tickets on their site. So pack your stuff and get ready for the fun.

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    It has been a year already, a year I met Mary McDonnell. Doesn’t seem like it but it was and the lovely Sandra contributed into the anniversary celebration donating her pictures from the SpaceParents Panel which actually happened exactly a year ago on this day. How lovely of a coincidence? Take a look and enjoy the HQ photos in our gallery!

    May 10, 2019    E.R., Movies, Screencaptures, TV-Shows    Leave a Reply

    There you go, finally found some time to replace the old screencaptures of ER featuring Mary McDonnell with some higher quality ones. Take a look and enjoy!

    April 30, 2019    Interviews, Screencaptures, Videos    Leave a Reply

    Thanks to Sara for the heads up, Mary was interviewed by Good Day DC prior AwesomeCon to start during the week-end and she briefly talked about some of her past roles, what’s ahead for her in her career, the podcast and the fundraiser. Take a look and enjoy both the video and the photos in gallery!

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    Yes, another year the earth rounded on itself and around the sun and we arrived to Mary McDonnell’s birthday!

    Mary, every year passing you become more beautiful, wise and inspiring to a whole generation of both young and older women (a few guys too!)

    fanart created by IlariaSco_

    And in light of this inspiration, we invite you to participate to the annual birthday fundraiser which this year is collecting donations for Sinte Gleska University and Pine Ridge Flood Relief. All info can be found at Inspired by Mary. Additionally Mary herself, this year donated the beautiful pair of earrings she wore as Stands with a Fist on Dances With Wolves in the wedding scene, to the lucky bidder who will win this and donate all the money to Pine Ridge Flood Relief. But hurry cause the auction ends in 8 hours, while the standard donations will continue until 30th april.
    You could be the change we wish to see in this world, make it so! Pilamaya