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  • Welcome to Mary McDonnell Vault, your online resource dedicated to actress Mary McDonnell. You better know Mary for her role as Captain Sharon Raydor for the TNT crime series The Closer & Major Crimes. But she also did others like Battlestar Galactica, Independence Day, Donnie Darko, Dances with Wolves, Sneakers and many others. Site is comprehensive of a big photogallery with events, photoshoots, magazines, stills, a media archive dedicated to all fans fanarts on Mary, an extensive press library to collect all the articles and interviews on her and a video gallery section for recorded interviews, sneak peeks and trailers of her projects. We claim no rights to know her personally and it's absolutely respectful of her privacy and paparazzi-free!!!
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    What an episode! Stacey K. Black is never disappointing but what an episode. It had everything and suspence from first minute to the 40th! Amazing. Check it out as soon as possible if you haven’t seen it yet and meantime enjoy the HD screencaptues.

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    Major Crimes continues toward the end of Season 4 tonight with the second of five special episodes, as they delve into an ongoing case that is proving more difficult to solve than normal.
    “In this case we didn’t know what was happening, and because it’s multiple crimes, a hot case and a cold case, and it brings up so many people’s professional pasts and the tensions going on there, it was so complex,” Mary McDonnell, who plays Captain Sharon Raydor, tells “So in a way, the realistic frustration and, at times, this feeling of helplessness against the complexities that we couldn’t solve, that was very different to be inside of week after week until we finally got to the end.”

    On tonight’s Hindsight—Part 2 episode, Sharon and her squad of detectives rush to capitalize on a shocking discovery made in a church. Stephanie (Julie Ann Emery) and Sanchez’s (Raymond Cruz) connection grows as they bond over lost loved ones. Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) learns from Provenza (G.W. Bailey) that his biological mother’s ex, Gary, is a fugitive on the run. And Tao’s (Michael Paul Chan) old partner Mark (Jason Gedrick) pushes him too far.

    But first, McDonnell spoke to us about how different it is to do a continuing arc instead of a crime-of-the-week story, double jeopardy, if Sharon would ever like to throw away the book like Brenda Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick‘s character on The Closer), her relationship with Andy (Tony Dennison) and Rusty, and more.

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    I have done a little of back work and added to the galleries deleted scenes and gag reel from The Closer featuring Mary and her Sharon. Take a look at the videos and screencaptures!

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    One single photo of Mary, or better the group, from next week episode. Take a look!

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    Preview of next week episode. OH MY….

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    Here we are. First part of 5 episode arc has started. I added to the gallery over 100 HD screencaptures of Mary during Monday’s episode. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G start!

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    “Hindsight – Part 3” – Monday, Feb. 29, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-14-DLV

    After finding another victim, Sharon angrily turns her attention back to former LAPD Det. Mark Hickman, who has developed given his habit of appearing in the wrong place at the wrong time, and has a secret that may be a motive for murder for either him or his wife. The possible gang war ratchets up a notch with three more murders. Fritz and his team help the LAPD show up in force at Tamika’s funeral, where Tao makes an interesting discovery involving Peter Goldman, the notorious lawyer who has dedicated his life to attacking the LAPD.

    Directed by Patrick Duffy
    Written by Ralph Gifford & Carson Moore
    Created by James Duff


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    Take a look in the gallery for HQ stills of Mary in the first of five episode arc starting Monday, February 15 on TNT!

    A young woman and her 3-year-old son are shot to death while driving through gang territory in the wrong colored car, and the gun used in the murder is quickly connected to the most troubling series of unsolved homicides in LAPD history. As Captain Sharon Raydor and the rest of her division attempt to solve the mystery, Amy Sykes begins an uneasy alliance with a disgraced former LAPD detective with a novel theory and a corrupt past.

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