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  • Welcome to Mary McDonnell Vault, your online resource dedicated to actress Mary McDonnell. You better know Mary for her role as Captain Sharon Raydor for the TNT crime series The Closer & Major Crimes. But she also did others like Battlestar Galactica, Independence Day, Donnie Darko, Dances with Wolves, Sneakers and many others. Site is comprehensive of a big photogallery with events, photoshoots, magazines, stills, a media archive dedicated to all fans fanarts on Mary, an extensive press library to collect all the articles and interviews on her and a video gallery section for recorded interviews, sneak peeks and trailers of her projects. We claim no rights to know her personally and it's absolutely respectful of her privacy and paparazzi-free!!!
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    Hello MaryGirls. Because we didn’t have much official photos (or video) from Mary’s spotlight Sunday, some of the girls who were in Chicago sent me some of their shots, and I encourage anyone who wants to do the same, I’d be happy to add those. These were donated by Kadi and Chell. And Chell also donated some shots from the Saturday’s panel, check them out on the gallery.

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    Again thanks to my friend Carol, more photos have been added. She’s simply flawless and adorable when she fangirls like we do with her! Enjoy!

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    Hello everyone. First of all lemme thank you all because so many of you during this weekend have been sharing with me impressions and comments and all so positive and beautiful of Edward and Mary, that made me feel like I was there with you all enjoy this amazing experience. I thought, since for many of us couldn’t be possible to be there taking part to the panel, to make a report and recap of what happened as I was lucky enough to be able to see it live from a link provided by C2E2. It won’t be a Question/Answer but just summarizing them both for you to have an idea of what was told. Enjoy it and hopefully we will have a link to enjoy watching this over and over.

    As the presenter introduced Mary and Eddie the crowd went crazy and, from words of a friend who was there, it was very loud and very long. At first Ed asked to please turn on lights on the audience cause from their point of view they couldn’t see and Mary totally fangirled because her brother Jack was present there. Two couches behind them, they both sit down and like a ‘therapy session’ asked how it was the week. For Eddie was a bit “disappointing” that the green river, was no longer green and Mary had a traumatic experience with a political banner jumping to her sight from the window of her hotel room. As going on from the jokes Eddie let people know there was no moderator so they were going to pick people to ask questions and the fans were going to ask them from their own voices.

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    As we all know yesterday there was the Panel of Eddie and Mary during C2E2 Chicago and it was WONDERFUL.
    Thanks to my friend Carol, who found a few pictures in HQ, they’re now added to the gallery. Just marvelous!

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    Sadly it’s that time of the year we’ve to say it’s the last episode. It was a great one and a wonderful run but the series goes now on hiatus until June when season 5 restart. Little inside news from Duppy Demetrius that shooting for the new season starts March 23, so few days after Mary is done and back from Chicago Con. Which means next week! If you haven’t seen last night episode I encourage you to do, is a bitter juicy conclusion to a 5 episode arc that kept us interested and glued to screens for the past 5 weeks. We met new characters we loved and hated, we miss them already and we miss all of them already. Enjoy the HD screencaptures from last night episode!

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    The live chat is up at James’s Facebook. You can see it. It was wonderful and lovely. Thanks Mary and James… and Randle in the background hiding too! LOL

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    ET was on set of the show’s season finale, airing March 14 on TNT at 9/8c.


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    It’s time for Detective Amy Sykes to come clean, as TNT’s Major Crimes wraps its five-episode “bonus” arc and brings Season 4 to a close.

    In the above sneak peek from “Hindsight: Part 5” (airing Monday at 9/8c), Raydor and Tao (played by Mary McDonnell and Michael Paul Chan) are reviewing a curious mishandling of evidence and how it relates to the infamous Mark Hickman, ultimately pointing fingers at Sykes (Kearran Giovanni), who has been collaborating with the disgraced former detective on the side.

    Elsewhere in the season finale, all the threads of seven murders are tied together, narrowing the field of suspects to three; Hickman finally confronts the truth about his past; Raydor makes good use of a highly unreliable witness; and Provenza and Patrice solve their wedding issues.

    Check out the video on

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    Last episode. Monday airs last episode of season 4 (but season 5 is a sure thing!) and here is HQ stills from the episode. Take a look!