2019 Gloria: A Life Gloria Steinem
2015 The Cherry Orchard Lyubov Andreyevna Ranevskaya
2006 A View from the Bridge Beatrice
2002 James and the Handless Maiden Troy
2001 An American Daughter Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes
1999-2003 The Vagina Monologues N/A
1996 Summer and Smoke Alma Winemiller
1988 National Anthems Leslie Reede
1988 Three Ways Home Sharon
1986-1987 A Doll’s House Nora
1986 Execution of Justice Mary Ann White
1985 Savage In Limbo Linda Rotunda
1984-1985 Three Sisters N/A
1984 All Night Long N/A
1983 A Weekend Near Madison Vanessa
1982-1983 Black Angel Simone Engel
1982 The Death of a Miner Mary Alice
1981 Still Life Cheryl
1979 Letters Home Sylvia
1979 Buried Child Shelly
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