tv movies
2009 Hostile Makeover Rose Smithsonian
2009 Killer Hair Rose Smithsonian
2007 Battlestar Galactica: Razor President Laura Roslin
2005 Mrs. Harris Vivian Schulte
2002 The Locket Helen Staples
2001 Chestnut Hill Jane Eastman
2000 For All Time Laura Brown
2000 A Father’s Choice Susan Shaw
1999 Replacing Dad Linda Marsh
1999 Behind the Mask Mary Shushan
1998 Evidence of Blood Dora Overton
1997 12 Angry Men Judge
1997 Two Small Voices Sybil Goldrich
1996 Woman Undone Teri Hansen
1993 The American Clock Rose Baumler
1991 O Pioneers! Alexandra Bergson
1986 Courage Gabriella Estrada
1982 Money on the Side Terri
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