Panel Events

  • Dated: May 30, 2014   |   Duration: 05:44
    Some clips from the Hero Complex Film Festival with cast and crew of "Battlestar Galactica".
  • Dated: August 10, 2011   |   Duration: 49:45
    The cast and crew of "The Closer" reunite for the Paley Center evening event to talk about the show and their character.
  • Dated: March 3, 2006   |   Duration: 71:48
    The creators and cast of "Battlestar Galactica" talk about the re-imagining of the show, what makes it different, and its impact on everyday life.
  • Dated: August 1, 2011   |   Duration: 48:50
    The cast and creator of "The Closer" sit down to discuss about the show.
  • Dated: June 6, 2007   |   Duration: 06:07
    Q&A panel before the start of season 4 with Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, Ronald D Moore and David Eick (with Lucy Lawless as the moderator).
  • Dated: June 2, 2006   |   Duration: 06:44
    An extract of a panel with Jamie Bamber, Mary McDonnell, Edward James Olmos, David Eick and Ron Moore.
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