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    • Added: Dec 5, 2017   |   Duration: 01:26   |   Views: 2386
      Sharon and Rusty discuss his relationship to Gus and how his boss is going against the law with him.
    • Added: Nov 14, 2017   |   Duration: 01:28   |   Views: 2320
      Sharon heads to church to talk with Father Stan, but it seems far from a professional visit if the eerie silence is anything to go off of. Though Sharon is busy investigating the case concerning the missing St. Joseph's Three, something hits her hard as she breaks down in the confession booth.
    • Added: Nov 9, 2017   |   Duration: 00:56   |   Views: 2371
      In a scene from "Major Crimes" Season 6 (airing Tuesdays at 9/8c on TNT), Sharon seeks the Catholic church's help in the missing boys case.
    • Added: Oct 31, 2017   |   Duration: 00:40   |   Views: 2256
      Major Crimes returns on November 13 on Universal Channel UK, with an emotionally gripping final season. The squad returns with a hard-hitting multi-part Missing case, with the disappearance of three 15 year-old boys on a school trip.
    • Added: Oct 27, 2017   |   Duration: 00:45   |   Views: 2424
      Parade Magazine EXCLUSIVE Look to season 6 first episode which premieres on October 31, 9/8c!
    • Added: Oct 2, 2017   |   Duration: 0:30   |   Views: 2267
      As Cmdr. Sharon Raydor grows accustomed to her new boss, Assistant Chief Leo Mason, the detectives find themselves questioning their faith in the rapidly changing priorities of the justice system and their ability to reason through difficult changes in their personal relationships. Finally, they must accept the necessity of risk, in all its different guises, as they prepare to face the inexplicable but increasingly undeniable return of Phillip Stroh.

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